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Prettiest Barbie dolls

Door Bamber gepubliceerd op Friday 02 May 14:43

The thing I miss the most about not being a child anymore is that I cannot play with any dolls anymore :(

Here's a sum up from what I think are 10 of the most prettiest dolls in the world.
Thank me Mattel, this is branding ;)


1. I like the beige :)

2. Sporty Barbie (1) ... Does anyone know what's the name of the horse? :)

3. Yes, I'm in a sporty mood: Sporty Barbie(2) Let's dance, Barb!

4. I like the colour of this dress... Very nice Mattel!!

5. For all those Ski-fans... Let's go to Aspen, Barbie! Nice clothes!

6. Very nice, looks like a chair though, that dress... And this looks expensive!

7. I like the new Barbie-hair! + This one has a very expensive dress! Diamonds are Barbies best friend... after Ken. :)

8. Not so pretty at all.. But look at that face. Is this a Halloween version?

9. Casual Barbie!

10. Last but not least: Journalist Barbie!! I like the short hair! Who's your hair dresser Barbie? I thought I did a great job a few years ago.... not.

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