My final assignment for CALarts: Reflective Essay

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Part 1. "Class things"

For this course I have made all assignments, also the sketchbook assignments. From all I have learned a lot. 

Picasso stood out to me. His work, I found on google for the study on other artists for the required assignment 3 for this course, showed me to work on other people their pieces. It was inspiring to me.

Because I could find more out in my own style, after seeing other people's work. In saw how he was trying to copy a master piece in his own style.

I loved that part, because all my work before in this course, was just my own work inspirered on things in life. How I see the world. Or since this course, in the sketchbook assignments, on how different I see things compared to others. 

Also, in those sketchbook assignments in this course, I loved to look back in time in all that had inspirered me in art in the past. And found many new ideas on my past to draw about and motivation to continue my art in my life. 

I tried also to add more art in my blogs. Since this course, as I now have lots more inspiration to do so. 

But Picasso was the biggest eye opener of this course to me: We all live in this world. I can have ideas about how others do art. And I can add my own pieces, but I can also think harder about what has moved others into their styles and art pieces. And try to "copy" in my own style, or try to learn to add on the art riddles others have in my own style. So I can learn more about art and my own pieces. 

Not just from real life,  but a lot more about what other people are thinking and doing. And then comparing those pieces of art more and more to what I do.

Even I could try 50 pieces about the same object thats an interesting idea to me. It's like studying other things. In general a part of a good study is learning about what others have done before, and why. 

All different techniques then pass me by, and I can try to be myself, with my own style, making a new technique as if its my own, but I can also work from where others are in their lives, but then in my own style. 

It gives in general a lot more options to be busy with. 

I also feel then different: more "in the group" when I also draw like that. A part of the total culture. I like that feeling, since Picasso's art that I have seen in this course. His art about the little princess, was very interesting to me.  It's as if I now have more teachers. Just by studying other people their art more. 


Part 2 "Peer things"

Required assignment 2 was interesting to me. One peer felt it was really one of the best things ever. And the other peer thought I hadnt understood the assignment. I had understood the assignment to my opinion. It was about a picture of 2 children on a bus. 

The allegory about this picture was deep and well written to my opnion. I was happy there was at least another peer agreeing. And I still wonder why this just one other peer couldnt agree. Just words as if I perhaps hadnt understood the assignment wasnt enough information for me to understand the thoughts of that peer. Perhaps the peer could have explained more about that. My 3rd peer hadnt answered. That was a bit to bad, to not find the 3rd opinion. In this case it would have been helpfull. 

I was very happy the first and only peer understanding the allegory was more then normally thrilled of me submitting this. It was so enthusiastic. I wish I could have said it was my own picture. My own piece of art. It made my day. And opened my world to show others more of my pictures as art, not just my drawings.

The peer not understanding the deep soft side of children as an allegory, showed me some ideas of what then allegory was. I laughed a bit. It was really hard to read the pages. I could find we were just in 2 different worlds. Her or his world a bit different then mine. Both finding each others allegory hard to understand. I found that fun. I would not have said she or he didnt understand this at all. But I felt I was a bit more deep, not just political things are allegories, also daily things. But that will leave to my opinion with that. 

I loved this entire course and the peer grades werent low, or bad to me. And I tried to answer all peers. But I did miss some time to answer some peers myself. I felt bad about that. Normally I always am well with answering all peers. I had this round a busy time. I did learn, when I do art, I am so busy learning, next time I must keep a bit more time left for my peers. Its an interesting field. An endless amount fo time I can busy for it. But that I have learned and delt with. This round my peers will all be answered and from now on. 

It was a very interesting course. Especially the really reading carefully what others say and then answering many words, as much as the peer him or herself has written. I liked that the conversations went deep. 

I've learned psychologically there is really no way there are never people understanding me. Even when one didnt understand my art. When the questions are asked correctly to other peers, people really get the clue of how to view my art, and are all able, minus that one peer, to see the same point of view. I was thrilled about that the most. 

All people can find the same ideas in art. Or at least see through my eyes about what I have seen. It was even easy to many peers, to understand all my points of views. That relieved me. When people dont undertstand, rare its about not capable of seeing the same point of view. It's really a matter of a rare situation of 2 completely extreme different worlds to compare. That one finds that hard. But many others still see the point! Made it easy to let that one peer pass by as misunderstanding me. Others made it up for that one. Thank you! 

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