Peripheral Vision and Energy Flow

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882fc97f9d93769bde2dd9bbc76af61b_1398185Our ancestors (pre-humans) used to live in the jungle with predators hunting them for food. In order to survive their biology developed body' systems to escape from immediate dangers . The escape requires intense muscular effort, supported by all of the body’s systems. The sympathetic nervous system’s activation also provides for these needs. But today the situation had changed. In the today world, we are no longer threatened by predators and therefore our inherited body' systems are weakened. But which is the trigger of the stress response (fight-or-flight response)? The switch is our peripheral vision. The moment the pre-humans (like animals) used to catch something out of the corner of their eyes they entered a state of alertness or vigilance. The peripheral vision is specialized for detecting motion (predators approaching from behind) and is unconsciously observed. The modern humans' peripheral vision has decreased compared with that of ancestors (or animals). Thus, the awareness of peripheral vision makes us enter a state of alertness or vigilance and activates the body' systems which enable us to run from moment to moment. Some other symptoms are the increased sense of hearing (ear buzzing), heart palpitations, etc. Therefore if we practice peripheral vision (third eye) we activate the biology of "Tarzan" in the jungle.

The Chinese have known about the power of the peripheral vision (third eye). This is especially practiced or used within the martial arts community of the Taoist and the Shaolin monks. The channels in the body which circulate the energy are called meridians. By practicing the peripheral vision (third eye) we open the meridians which allow the energy to circulate. It is believed that opening meridians changes the molecular composition of cells, transforming them into higher-energy substance.

Thus, the biology of "Tarzan" is genetically imprinted in our body but it is inactivated. We can reactivate it by practicing the "Third Eye". The physical body may undergo a transformation. During the transition period the "ascension symptoms" (spiritual concept) which are very similar to stress response are experienced.

There are some meridians (like the one in the figure) which start in corner of the physical eye and end up in the nails of the foot. Maybe some meridians connect the parts of physical body which enable us to react in risky or dangerous situations. These channels of energy furnish with energy the muscles in order to escape or run. And it is important to mention that the switch (cause) is the peripheral vision.

Also the unconscious mind is extremely involved in the scenario. It is the unconscious mind which engages the conscious mind when some motion is detected. The unconscious mind has a very powerful database of the risky situations or scenarios of a specie (developed during evolution). After the detection of the motion at the periphery, the unconscious mind analysis both the unknown situation and its database in order to decide whether to engage the conscious mind or not. You can do a little experiment with your self. Put a flower-vase (1m high) alongside the landing of the stairs of your home (in order to catch it with your peripheral vision when it is a little dark). In the beginning when going upstairs your unconscious mind will alert you. Then after some time the unconscious mind will not alert you anymore. In fact it has registered the scenario in its database but now as a safe one. Therefore the peripheral vision increases the creative power of the unconscious mind. In extreme scenarios it can create even human faces and wild animals' faces (which of course are not real). The only intention of our unconscious mind is to protect us. Perceptual illusions are attempts of the brain to foresee the near future, so that by the time the brain generates a perception which seems as it is in the present.
The practice of peripheral vision may have health benefits in the long run. But when practicing it maybe it would be better to do some physical exercises in order to balance the energy flow or the created energy pressure. Thus when we observe the eye floaters then we must do some physical exercises (for instance running). A simple Exercise for Awakening The third Eye

From the awesome "Love Eye Floaters" Blog: Answers the Question: What Are Eye Floaters and Reveals Theories behind the Harmless Type of Eye Floaters (take a look at the disclaimer at the end of blog). The Blog Explains the Phenomenon of Eye Floaters Based On Ancient Implications As Well As Modern Physics. You are not alone.

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