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Structure and functions of higher mind civilization

Door Groundzero gepubliceerd op Saturday 19 April 15:18

"When a man moves away from nature, his heart becomes hard." Native Indian wisdom.


ADVANCED: Structure and functions of higher mind civilization


WISDOM SYSTEM --> put the Wisest people in charge, no government needed.


CREATE AN OPEN CONCIOUSNESS / ENERGY FIELD and come to the point where we can create an energy field which makes is possible to change all life on Earth. Simply by sitting together and charge our minds and the atmosphere up, we can tune in with nature and even talk to trees and animals. This energy field can change the metabolism, people no longer get sick and stabilize their emotions, live longer, shortly said: control the energy field of our physical life. The structure of foods start changing and for example we are no longer hungry after eating an apple. We wouldn't need as much sleep because there is energy available for everyone.


It is very quiet in this way of living, no cars or blithering.


EDUCATION SYSTEM: not necessary. Teach children to tune in with this open consciousness, and the knowledge of our elders, which is by the way stored in our DNA, will become available to us. Between the 8th and 15th week when the embryo is forming, there is a pulse signal coming into the mothers DNA. As the body of the embryo is beginning to form, after the 4th month, the spirit/consciousness comes into the body, something happens in the ascension of the brain: a copy of all of the accumulated wisdom of all lifetimes goes into the brain.


There is a way to recontruct our current way of thinking, to accelerate the process of restoring memory. (…Will be uploaded as soon as I have time )





Once one sees behind the curtains of life's theatre, he might be filled with fear and despair. A normal reaction, for our brain needs to adapt to this 'new' way of seeing, so just let the process do its work. (Spreading) fear causes stagnation rather than productivity and won't help eradicate the problem; the problem of government corruption, the problem of commerce being superemposed over human experience to the point where money and economics are viewed as being more important than people and life (no, you shouldn't giggle at dying people in videogames), the problem of corporatism, conformism, the ridiculous lack of use of critical capability.

We need to start making changes in our direct environment, writing isn't gonna do it. People will read it and then go back to their mind-numbing shows.

What would your developed society look like, and how would it function?

Not too futuristic.. accessible services we can create now when and where we need them, and help others whenever they need it.

  • A GRID FOR ASSISSTANCE. A kind service system. Various quilts would be created to enable individuals to access services of specific products they need and gatherings of people who connect on the same level. An obvious example are the FB-groups. This model allows individuals to connect with others, which is a natural thing, on the same level. A society based on this model - without its lack of critical thinking skills and ignorant judgments - could work well. There could be a central house rented by and for people, lets say artists, where they could meet, share and discuss ideas, design their own thing. No shabby quality, though, there has to be some luxury, privacy,.. Another example is a supply and demand-group. Lets say you need boots for only a day, why buy them and never use them again? It's local, easy and kind. People actually CAN live peacefully together. The basis for this is to let go and reject the egocentric culture, ethnic and racial discrimination and other unnecessary negative implications. Social science and psychiatry? Don't get me started on this horse shit. It's simple as this: we are our perception and in most cases is specific food the medicin. More on this subject below. Anyway, our behaviour is onlogical mostly anyway, so rather focus on ideas, creativity and some real science.


  • A NEW EXCHANGE SYSTEM. There should be a money system. But first this. Do you actually know the history of that piece of paper you daily use? These papers were invented by a private bank, who'll let the governments use the papers in exchange for intrest. Realise that the issuing of money is essentially a private business, and that the privilege of issuing money has been a major point of conflict throughout history. Wars are being faught for this for decades. The majority of the people does not (want to) know, and we cannot accept this ignorance. The illuminati will increasingly continue to strive to become the dictator our global society, having an influence over large aspects of our lives including our education, our media and our governments. We are the ones the blame for the value we put on money. Who doesn't have much, will be discarted, homeless.. their homes will be confiscated by the bank. We tolerate this, with the abrupt idea that, if we do not we pay the bills and taxes, we will be put out of our house. These bills are part of the script in a system of intrest based commerce which conquered the minds of the people. It's been a succesful idea, though; those who think they're free are the most enslaved. However, a situation where we will collectively say NO to bureaucrats, would be as least own the same power..

So now my idea of a new exchange system. It's based on individual worth and contributions to society and the groups I talked about earlier. The more contributions, the more capacity in the society. Nothing against being wealthy, but at least their work creates more stake and capacity. The current system of work will not be dropped suddenly, so where should we start? Away with the soda machines! There should be a relax/meditation room in every business building, where there will be teached meditation techniques, the 8-4-6-5 breathing technique, etc., to those who haven't learned them in kindergarden, also , which will all contribute to intrinsic motivation and True intentions --> which promotes creativity and productivity on the workspace.

There should exist a supply and demand system which enables individuals who don't like their job to exchange with one another to try out a different workspace. This could also be fun for people who risk a burn-out or just want to experience something new. Nowadays, there is no work which will give job security, so we might as well make it fun, youthful.. Imagine the possibilities of this open minded way of thinking, we could satisfy a wide range of the global audiance.

So this list isn't finished and I probably forgot important stuff, but I'm excited to hear your paradigma as a world leader so far. :)



The rules are universal moral based.



- Check out Chinese healing / Qiqong / sound therapy








I didn't have the time to write down all the ideas in this article, but I will upload it later.

I have all the 'time'.


Please consider the text for research purposes, it is not finished nor 'confirmed', whatever that means for you.


http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/pleyades/pleiadiansbook/pleiadiansbook_contents.htm --> immortality chapter


ALSO CHECK: restoring memory

(HINT: Brain matter is composed of correspondent symbols from astrology, alchemy, and the Qabala)




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