My best friend

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My best friend



vandaag zeggen we het met songteksten op Plazilla en doorbreken we de stilte met mooie muziek. Deze hoorde ik vandaag zeker 5 keer omdat ik slechts één CD in de auto had en geen zin had in de radio.


My best friend, you made my day.
We danced and sang, all the way.
My best friend, don't turn around.
It's gotta stop, there's peace to be found.
Take some time, to find your way.
Ease your mind, hey, don't be affraid.
Don't forget, I know you best.
Don't forget, know that we will last.

Everytime when you're in pain.
You keep callin' out my name.
You know I will understand,
You just need a helpin' hand.
Everytime when you're in pain.
You keep callin' out my name.
You know I will understand,
Baby, you're my best friend.

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Mooi :-)
En gemeend
Ik houd het op het best friend liedje van Queen - mooie tekst dat wel
Het zijn toch mooie vrouwen in dit geval en dan weet je het wel met mij...
tegen Wasbeer
IK moet ook bekennen dat ik meteen aan Queen dacht, Your my best friend van hun is een van mijn favorieten.
Goede CD hoor!
Zelfs 5 keer op een dag ;)
Great spirit, I have had it
Bring me back to the nomadic
Way of weaving through damage
Mindful stay mindful

Great spirit for my sisters
Let me be a flowing river
Flood the banks the rocks that bind her
Carry Ill carry

Great, great spirit.. Oh oh oh oh
Great, great spirit

Great spirit for my brother
Let me be a mountain under
Which he climbs to discover
His process now that's progress

Great spirit all that hinders
Tie reminders to my fingers
I must speak with you more
often Mmmm

Great, great spirit...Oh oh oh oh
Great, great spirit

Great spirit for my relations
Give them strength to face racism
In every single situation
Easy now go on speak loud

Great spirit take me instead
Guide me down the road of red
Tunkashila, I am
Saying, praying

Great, great spirit
Tun-kash-a-la 4x

Great spirit the stone collapse
Nothing but the earth will last
And i'll be singing sweetly to the
Darkness Now hark this

Great spirit on my tongue
Be still, be still, the time will come
When everyone will sing, all life is
Sacred, While i'm waiting

Great spirit my fist is up
Bringing the power to the people, your reflection of us
Some of your people cant hear it, The cries of the earth
Some of your people can't feel it, The way that it hurts

And it hurts great spirit
And it moves great spirit
Interconnected in the wreckage of a
Paradigm on its way out, way out...

Speaking of spiritual lyrical testimony
The spirit that did resist, Weaving around false prophecies
Spirit directed and selective, With the message I bring
While the ship slowly sinks, Ive been directed to sing

I'm like a wrecking ball, Breaking down the walls of the past
A minimalist living on bliss,With the last of my cash
You're gonna be justified, With how you treated the land
You're gonna be by my side
When I stand and demand

A change
Tunkashila 4x

Great, great spirit 3x
Great, great spirit

Mooie tekst.
Volledig mee eens
Heel mooi,
Vind ik ook
tegen Wasbeer
Mee eens wasbeertje