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43a9bd0e128ba67987a5bac07963d611_1396877Ik werk er nog aan, maar kwam al zo ver...

Drawing hands and feet on all animals.

I have made some lines, some arty figures, not showing easily what kind of animal it is... And then asked a 7 and 8 year old to draw hands and feet on them... to finish these animals, with hands and feet...

I asked my "students". Can you draw hands and feet on these animals?

response: "But I cant draw hands and feet on these? "

me: "perhaps you can start with thumbs and fingers?" 

response: "I made them on this one on end of the line... I find it hard.."

me: "How can it be easier for you to draw these hands? "

response: "i dont know I am used to create them on other types of animals..."

me: "How could you then draw them on these lines? "

response: "I'll start with the hands then the feet... Feet are the most difficult"

me: "Do you know easy type of feet that you can draw?"

Response: "yes shall i show you some of them here? 

me: yes, thank you... Perhaps you can draw some more of them on the lines... "

response: She drew them all on the lines... 

note. these animals are looking like its a difficult task to do... 

It was a tough task for the kids, but they learned a lot... That they can draw hands and feet also on difficult subjects, not looking realisticly like animals...

I learned its hard to not direct to much. I learn to use different kind of questions during the entire process. To not direct where they could draw them, and not show them the example to much. But to let them do it all entirly themselves just by asking more open question. So they can fill in what they already know and can, and can discover more about what they can and want to do with that... While drawing these hands and feet, they learned to draw all kinds of hands and feet. 

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