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An old dream of mine told in English:

Yesterday I had a dream:

I had the choice: Go escape from the real hard world and go to chocolate-land or stay here.

But chocolate-land had two rules: You could eat chocolate so much without being fat and the second rule was you never would be able to get out of chocolate-land when you once arrived there.

I went to chocolate-land after a friend, Tijs, asked me to go join him to it. But I only knew of the first rule of chocolate-land.

When I was in chocalate-land I told Tijs after a week or so that I wanted to go back.

'But Pina', Tijs said, 'Everyone knows that you can't get back from chocolate-land to the real world'.

I went to become angry at him en said he didn't told me ofthe second rule of chocolate-land.
And Tijs told me again: 'But everyone knows that!'
Pina: "But I want to see my parents and brother and his friend once again!'

Then I woke up and had to think of the lyrics of 'Hotel California' of the Eagles. Only that song is, what some people think, a song about the hell.

('You can check in everytime you like, but you can never leave).'

And I thought: 'No, the hell is not a chocolate-land'.

And I went on thinking about the dream and thought : "Yes,  it was about all the miscommunication I have in my life.

Look to what Tijs said at he end of my dream!

And I had one follower more that day before at my YouTube that day before: EllisinJoeToepland was she called.

Now, isn't the Alice in Wonderland not also such a story?



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