Hyperdimensional matrix attacks

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Personal observations on Hyperdimensional matrix attacks

At some point you can be put under surveillance. It could be years before it gets obvious. Your current perception is not what it seems. Most of the symptoms look alot like mental disorders, such as paranoid schizophrenia.

The mind manipulation is higly psychological and therefore higly deceptive and hard to fight.

So me and a friend were standing at the cash register when a woman in front of me started to look me intensively in the eyes, a evil, dark look full of hatred and an attitude like "I can do this all day long, you know". Since I hate eye contact when nervous I chose to look away after a few seconds, but noticed she was staring as close to 1 minute (nobody else seemed to find this strange).

  1. The woman was aware of her intruding behaviour, though acts on ego.
  2. Daydreaming, not aware of the staring, but most likely this is not the case because of the intensivity of her eyes, and that is not what happens when someone is day dreaming.
  3. 'Something' temporarily  took over the body and was looking at me through him,which I think is the case.

Weird experiences such as this one might be classified as targeted individual stalking (or gang stalking for most people). Most normal people wouldn't care for a hostile staring contest. But this isn't a common thing; they know I'm researching stuff I shouldn't, so they are harassing me until I stop. WELL FUCK YOU ALL. The people (whoever they are) responsible for these activities might not always be doing it themselves. They could have the technology to work through other individuals that 'happen' to be where I am. If this is the case, than they have very advanced both technological and ancient knowledge. I'll go a step further and say this seems to me to be hyperdimensional elements - as in a computed reality (ADD MORE)

Harassment through sounds

 13-2-14: I feel sorry for these people that are so perseverant in trying to destroy me. They let me hear all kinds of frequencies. And when I put my attention on it, and then - of course - it stops.

 28-2-14: It's gotten worse. Heavy rock and loud sounds in general is all around me, so they know it hurts every atom in my body.

Harassment through induced voices.

 13-2-14: The voices (thoughts that are not mine) are threatning, embarrassing and to confuse on purpose. This program might exist to see how far they can go before I kill myself, or they might want me to kill someone else.

28-2-14: Eversince I told my father I never want to see him again 26-2-14, that God will judge his sins, the very same night I heard a voice screaming 'ALTERNATE' in my head. Not a thought, but a very loud man voice. This wasn't a light being. Since my father and his creepy mason society worship Lucifer and do creepy voodoo things, it is likely it's a demon. I am being attacked with induced thoughts on full scale now.


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