My assignment for CALARTS: "the meaning behind the meaning"

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Artist name: Jiska Hachmer.  Work title, photograph: "Snapshot: Two little children in a bus." 

I love this photo. It's one of my favourite. 2 Children in a bus. It's on top of a tourist bus. As I can see there is no roof. 2 Little children. They haven't seen much of the world, yet. Sweetly cuddling. I love the most the blue colours in this calm, but "riding" scene.  

My reason to take this piece of art is my possible interpretation on this work.  I was curious about the allegory I might find. It seems as a "normal"pretty picture. And I want to see if there is an allegory to make out of this. Then in anything I can find an allegory. 

Young children that will grow up. The riding bus where they are on top. They are in top of the world. And time, the bus,  is moving them to other places. As life brings us anywhere. In this picture I can see how children are meant to be on top of the world. It's where they belong. Because their lives are about to take off to places... to be. That we can't see the background just the side of the bus, while these two cuddle sweetly, as children have only sweet meanings to live... It represents how live is meant to be sweet... Just a sweet riding ride. To sides in live that will come... 

So the basic allegory I could find in this picture

The perhaps even a bit to young children to be on a bus's roof, a sweet party feeling for them. Already, so soon, doing fun things. Representing live and behaviour of adults,  how adults can do things. Seeing things. But also can behave as young as these two. 

Just cuddling love, two babies cuddling, as most have. If they have that at all. If that lasted or not. 

In a ride, representing life itself as a ride. 

She even looks away while she cuddles, perhaps she is just cuddled as many woman are just cuddled, and her own reason is hidden, why she lets him cuddle. So she represents woman. A hidden meaning to that part in the ride "life". 

He is a pretty blond romantic, that she'll find in life. I think these will be happy when I see this picture. Its promising. A hidden secret that life can be a dream coming true. We all wish adults would be like this, to create a happy world. 

The movement in this picture can be interpretate as a secret  and expressing for the meaning: life can be a sweet ride... 

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Perhaps best words to say about this picture: "Where will life take us... "
I forgot the bottle In front of them The red baby bottle is the bottle they might not or will do in life... the drinks or no drinks question... Also an allegory in this total picture.

Drinks, life is young, riding, time is moving and taking us to places, and life is sweet cuddling dream... Now its complete... Thank you for reading this comment...