The faster and slow world

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My assignment 4 for CALARTS: The faster and slow world. 

My event that happends very quickly...

I ran to the supermarket. I had no time to eat. I had to run. Buckets full with apples. Good for my teeth. Buckets full with banana's that will slow down my appetite. They sell umbrella's today, cause it rains outside. I'll buy one that I can use for my hurry. So I can run even faster home again. Home is to far away. I live far away. So I need to run. Run faster then the wind. Faster then time. To be on time for my nap this afternoon. I have no time left its late. Else they will come to take me for a ride to a hotel till the other day. Even further away. But I want to sleep. So I'll be fast. So they can't see me at two. But at one asleep. Surprisingly to exhausted to be in their idea's. I want to stay home for the next few weeks. 


My event that happends slowly

Birth, takes hours. For me even days and weeks. Months eventually. I woke up with pain, couldn't bend. And that stayed for weeks. Slowly my whome opened. The first days I cried when will I see him? When will I see her? What will it be? Things became more happily. I saw two hands and feets on the sonogram. "He'll stay here some weeks. " The words I'll not forget. Endless times with meds in the hospital. Weeks went by while I was ready. Bought more clothes... More shoes... More blankets. Home He still didnt come. The pain went on and on. And on and on. And actually on and on. Also at night when none knew, but me. Exhausted, I delivered. Nearly in the doctors office. I had waited for so long. This child had ached me for so many days and weeks, months to be completly true...  I had no idea... Doc said this time we need to run. I never delivered one child in my office. Perhaps he had made some there, but not delivered there... So I was taken back to the hospitol. Another evening almost passed us by, since that 4 in the afternoon. Near 0.00. Just 7 minutes before the, clocks would ring, my baby looked at me. My life had right there a new start, happily. 


Again the fast runs. 

I ran hungrily. Wanting a bite of the packed hamburgers and pancakes. No Mcdonalds even a faster bite, cause i was in need. The microwave food for my greed. Again faster and faster I had to be. Faster to pass all trees. To fill my baskets with happy feet. I run to the supermarket, fastly. I run and run and run. As if I can be there in a heartbeat. My steps can not slow today. I hear the first roar. I am truly almost aching so much I need to feed me. I picture bites of apples, and bananas. I can't wait. I waited already for to long. Hungry all morning. Hunger will end in a minute. I know. So I even speed up a bit more. As fast as a rocket I buy all things. Faster then the light of the sun and the moon, I at last, can eat. 


Again the slow world. 

Labour can take months. Time eats me up. It's scratches my inside. Aches my nights. Even laughter leaves my side. Slowly, the world turns few more spins. Lots more turns till I'll see my baby in his new shirt. I just bought all alone, cause nobody is home. Everyone is at work. Their jobs are important and I sit here wondering. And as wondering takes our time I am lost in the days to the end. How many left? How many nights with my suitcase for the last minutes on that day alone.  While we'll run to the cars to get ready for "it". But what's "it"? I don't even know. It's even like no one wants to share "it", cause it has been hell. Makes me almost want to think, well lets stop this all... But I can't, in the many days left, He'll come through my female hole... It will burn. It will ache. Nothing else they told me about "it". My scratching waiting is the problem the last days to that moment. My walls inside are calling me. "Nothing to see yet. He can't even turn his feet...  He is not yet near the end. We'll wait for a while contracting... till its that far we can start..." O God, why? Why so long? So many, many, many endless many days waiting? Will I know after delivery? The why...? 


Thank for you reading! Really loved this assignment! 

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