The Plazilla Quiz Show 9

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In this series of articles you can test your general knowledge with these questions. You find questions about geography, film, television, history, sports, science, …  You also finds lots of multiple choice questions.


You find all the answers at the bottom.



1/What is the name of the logogram “&” as used in the name of the clothing brand H&M?


2/In what kind of sport, one uses the terms A-Team, Gorilla Position, Jobber and Near-fall?


3/In which city is the Supreme Court of California headquartered?

A Los Angeles

B Sacramento

C San Francisco


4/Which Island who is the second-largest Greek island in area and population lost all his vowels?



5/Which country is divided in two parts by the imaginary line the Tropic of Cancer?

A United States

B Nicaragua
C Mexico


6/What was nickname of the American jazz singer on the picture below?


7/Which animals studies a cnidariologist?

A Jellyfish

B Monkeys

C Frogs


8/Who played the role of Nick Marshall in the film “What Woman Want”?

A Michael Douglas
B Mel Gibson

C Jim Carrey


9/Of which American country can you see the contours on the picture below?


10/Which British pop group can you form with al the letters of “Crisis! Get Help!”?


11/What kind of animal was Snowball in the animated series “The Simpsons”?


12/Which strategic board game produced by Parker Brothers was released in 1957?

A Monopoly

B Risk

C The Settlers of Catan


13/Which French city is also called “Angels City”?

A Nice

B Cannes

C Paris


14/Which is the supplement of an angle of 50°?


15/Which brand of beer used the slogan “Refreshes the parts other beers can’t reach”?


16/Which Brazilian driver participated in 326 Formula 1 Grand Prix’s?

A Ayrton Senna

B Rubens Barrichello

C Emerson Fittipaldi


17/What is the English title of Mozart’s opera “Die Zauberflöte”?


18/Which actress played the role of Barbie in the film “Wonderland”?


19/How many diagonals has a decagon?

A 10

B 20

C 35


20/In which country was the actress born that you see on the photo below?





1/Ampersand (or epershand)      2/(professional) wrestling      3/C       4/Euboea      5/C      6/Lady Day       7/A        8/B      9/Paraguay        10/The Spice Girls      11/cat       12/B       13/A       14/130°      15/Heineken      16/B      17/The Magic Flute      18/Paris Hilton      19/C        20/Australia (photo of Margot Robbie)

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