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My assignment for Cal arts : Live! A history of art for artists, animators and gamers.

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1.My world of art, is like the cat in blue I drew,  with a loose tail and his body in front of him. It's my cat Erinn apearing in an abstract piece of art. I love drawing humans and animals. Especially in one colour. The blue is a bit light, a bit hard to photograph. I have it here in front of me. And here I can see the drawing is more clear. But in this picture its possible to see the cat, although we must try a bit harder. Sorry for that. 

2.Other people in the world i thought, would create art like my drawing on the other side... Teh tipical savannah Cats people can buy, who stand with their backs high and are tall. But then a mixture with new art styles. Cause I find those wooden Savannah Cats to buy for on a shelf a bit old fashioned styled. Many still draw cats near the sun and outside on grassland. So I came to this bit new modern style, the wooden savannah cats for on a shelf, and the standard drawings of cats outside in the sunshine. 

Thank you for watching!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In dutch:

Mijn wereld van kunst. Zoals ik kunst maak. En het plaatje rechts, zoals anderen naar mijn idee een stuk kunst zouden maken. 

Dit is een opdracht voor mijn studie van de calarts university: Live! A history of art for artist, animator and gamers. 

Bedankt voor het bekijken. 



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