Restaurant review: Hofbräuhaus, Pittsburgh PA

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Me and my wife Evangelena love to travel and we share a passion for good food and drinks. In this article, we tell about our experiences at the Hofbräuhaus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Each of us gives an own review, in which we pay attention to the food quality, prices, value, atmosphere, personnel and location. Every aspect receives a grade (0 to 5 stars). And finally, we tell you if we feel this restaurant is worth another visit.

Contact details restaurant Hofbräuhaus
Address: 2705 S Water St, Greensburg, PA
Phone: (412-)235-7065


Food *****
We shared a cold cut platter (see picture below) as an appetizer, along with pretzels and sauerkraut balls with beer cheese. They were all plentiful and excellent. I particularly enjoyed the obazda, which was creamy, good and seasoned properly. The pretzels were warm and had an authentic German flavor. My main course - which had a symbol in front of it on the menu that symbolized an authentic recipe from the original Hofbräuhaus in Munich -consisted of leberkäse with a dippy egg, potato salad and spätzle on the side. It was all so good, that it made me miss Munich. If you really want a true taste of Germany / Bavaria, I recommend ordering the items with the symbol I previously mentioned. 

Prices ***/****
Prices are moderate. Many items of varying prices to choose from.

Value ****
I feel it's a good value because you get a nice quantity of food for the price you pay. Also, it's a very uncommon restaurant in the area. I very comfortably paid the price they were asking for the unique menu and quality of food.

Atmosphere *****
The atmosphere ROCKS! It felt like a beerhall in Munich, complete with live music, waitresses dressed in tradional dirndls, long tables and a very positive and fun atmosphere. It is loud, filled with laughter, music, talking and overall good times.

Personnel ****
Wait staff was excellent. The food was correct and delivered in a timely manner. Our waitress put in our appetizers first and made sure that our main course was not served until we were finished with our appetizers - something I always really appreciate.

Location ***
It's in the city. GPS will get you there. They do have valet parking for 8 dollars or you can park in a parking garage nearby.

Worth another visit?
Yes! I plan to return in the summer to enjoy their outdoor seating and view of the river.


Food ****/*****
For me, the big question when we got to the Hofbräuhaus was if the food was going to be as good as I have experienced German food in Germany. A hell of a challenge, given my critical nature and the fact that I'm a huge fan of the German kitchen. I was astonished when I tasted their pretzels. They were served warm and tasted just like in Germany! Then there were the pieces of pork on the cold cut platter with their phenomenal flavor. And things just kept getting better once my main course was served. I had ordered the Bayerischer Schweinsbraten, an absolutely delicious piece of pork that, combined with the brown demi-glaze sauce (sort of a gravy) and potato dumplings, was to die over. My mass of Hofbräu Premium Lager (rich yet fresh flavor) turned out to be extremely compatible with my meal. The spätzle couldn't rival the ones I have tasted in Germany, but what did it matter? That was part of my wife's meal, not mine...

Prices ****
Since we ate with a group of 5 people at this specialty restaurant, I feared the worst when our check arrived. Much to my surprise, it wasn't as bad as I expected. For a truly authentic specialty restaurant like this one, the prices were more than reasonable.

Value ****
Real German food is not supposed to be served in small, childish quantities, something they're clearly aware of at the Hofbräuhaus. Add up the fantastic quality of the food that's served here, and you can certainly be at peace with their prices. 

Atmosphere *****
It must not be an easy thing, trying to create a truly (Southern) German atmosphere in a restaurant that's located in the United States. Miraculously, just like with the food, they did it! Huge beer tanks outside of the restaurant (as shown on the first picture of this article) set the tone. Once you're inside, it's like walking into a tiny piece of Bavaria. From the waitresses in traditional clothes to the guy in lederhosen singing German songs on a stage, everything has succesfully been done to create a completely authentic atmosphere. I just had to get used to being served in English instead of German. 

Personnel ****
Polite, no rushing and orders were served correctly. Just how I like it.

Location ***/****
If you don't know the area the Hofbräuhaus is located in, you would definitely do well having navigation in your car. The restaurant can be found on the southside of Pittsburgh, but it takes a good bit of driving through this part of the city to get there. From an esthetic point of view however, it's quite a nice location next to the river and with the skyline of Pittsburgh at the background.

Worth another visit?
Yes, absolutely! If you love authentic German beer and food, this place certainly is a place to be for you. Do not go here though in case you cannot deal with a loud atmosphere and/or having to sit on hard wood.

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Zeg Herr Brentice, je laat het je wel smaken hè! :)
Mooi artikel en dank voor delen , als ik eens in de buurt ben weet ik wat ik kan/ moet/ wil bezoeken ;-)
Who doesn't like German food? And yes, quantity does matter :-)