The Plazilla Quiz Show 1.

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In this series of articles you can test your general knowledge with these questions. You find questions about geography, film, television, history, sports, science, …  You also find lots of multiple choice questions.


You find all the answers at the bottom.



1/Which European car brand was the first to produce cars using an assembly line?

A Volkswagen

B Citroën

C Renault


2/Why was the American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a wheelchair?

A hunting accident

B polio

C car accident


3/Which sport Ding Junhui practiced professionally?

A Golf

B Judo

C Snooker


4/Which French King was married with Maria Leszczyńska?


5/Which of the following words is the odd one out?



6/Which recognised European country never participated at the Olympic Games?


7/Of which chemical element consists the atoms of the isotope Tritium?

A Oxygen

B Nitrogen
C Hydrogen


8/Name one of the two professions that can be formed with all the letters of “tampons”?


9/Which American president had the nicknames “Dutch” and “The Great Communicator”?


10/How many black pawns are there at the beginning of a chess match?


11/What sport does one do in a patinodrome?


12/Where did Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson meet for the first time in the film “Grease”?

A at the disco

B at the beach

C at school


13/What colour are the feathers of the common hill myna?


14/Of which two prime numbers is 39 the product?


15/Is the actor Danny De Vito shorter or longer then 1m50cm?


16/Which Canadian city is also called “The Big Smoke”?

A Montreal

B Quebec

C Vancouver


17/How many dice do you need to play the casino game “Sic Bo”?


18/Who won in march 2014 the Academy Award for best director?

A Ang Lee

B Steve McQueen

C Alfonso Cuarón


19/What is a keddah?

A an elephant trap

B a small anchor

C a venomous black spider


20/Which secret service is hidden in the name of the singer below?




1/B      2/B       3/C      4/Louis XV      5/soldier (the other words contain each two music notes)      6/Vatican City      7/C     8/postman or topsman  9/Ronald Reagan      10/eight     11/Inline Speed Skating        12/B    13/black      14/3 and 13        15/longer (1m57cm)      16/C      17/three       18/C       19/A     20/CIA (Alicia Keys)

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