Quiz about advertising slogans and logos

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Do you like watching commercials? Then this quiz about advertising slogans and logos is definitely something for you. Good luck!


You’ll find all the answers below.



1/Which shoe brand used the slogan “Just do it”?


2/On the picture below you see the logo of the web browser:

3/”Good things come to those who wait” is an advertising slogan for:

A Carlsberg

B Heineken

C Guinness


4/Of which Italian football team is this the logo?

5/Which Swedish company used the slogan “Design your own life”?


6/Which brand used the logo below?

7/Which company used the slogans “Think different”, “The power to be your best” and “Switch”?


8/Which fashion brand completes the logo below?

9/Which fast food restaurant used the slogans “I’m loving it” and  “We love to see you smile”?

A Burger King

B Mc Donalds

C Kentucky Fried Chicken


10/Which car brand used the logo below?

A Buick

B Dodge

C Ascari

11/Which brand of candy used the slogan “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands”?


12/Which brand uses the logo below?

13/Which brand of cigarettes completes the slogan below?

I’d walk a mile for a _______


14/Which famous museum used the logo below?

15/Which brand of soft drinks used the slogan “The Uncola”?

A Seven Up

B Minute Maid

C Canada Dry


16/Which fashion brand used the logo with the friendly crocodile?

17/Which brand of personal care products used the slogan “Because I’m worth it”?


18/Which rock band used the logo below?

19/Which brand of whisky used the slogan “Keep Walking”?


20/Which French founded organisation used the logo below?




1/Nike      2/(Mozilla) Firefox       3/C       4/AS Roma     5/IKEA       6/General Electric     7/Apple Inc.     8/Kappa      9/B       10/A      11/M&Ms       12/LG       13/Camel       14/Hermitage Museum      15/A      16/Lacoste     17/L’Oréal    18/The Rolling Stones    19/Johnnie Walker     20/Doctors without borders ( Médécins Sans Frontières)

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