Quiz of the day : March 5 th, 2014

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In this series of articles you will get a mix of topical questions and general knowledge questions. Good luck!


You can find all the answers at the bottom.



1/In which country a judge banned all activities of the Palestinian organization Hamas in March 2014?


2/Which company is not one of the 30 major American companies forming part of the Dow Jones stock market index?

A Mc Donald’s

B Visa

C Apple Inc.


3/On the 86th Oscars, Cate Blanchett won the oscar for best actress. In which movie did she play the role of Jeanette Francis?


4/In which Jordan City is the picture below taken?

5/In which country the volcano Pacaya spewed ash and lava on March 1 th 2014?

A Indonesia

B Venezuela
C Guatemala


6/In which ocean ends the river the Loire?


7/The 2014 Winter Paralympics will be held at Sotsji from 7-16 March 2014. What Paralympic sport is shown on the picture below?

8/Which vegetable is called ‘pomodoro’ in Italian?

A potato

B tomato

C leek


9/In which Belgian city can you visit in 2014 the new exhibition “Expo 14-18, It’s our history”?

A Ypres
B Brussels

C Bruges


10/What is the name of the actor on the photo below?




1/Egypt       2/C         3/Blue Jasmine         4/Petra         5/C         6/Atlantic Ocean         7/Ice sledge hockey       8/B        9/B        10/John Travolta

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