Quiz of the day : March 4 th, 2014

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In this series of articles you will get a mix of topical questions and general knowledge questions. Good luck!


You can find all the answers at the bottom.



1/According to Forbes Magazine, Bill Gates goes back to the top of world richest list. How much is he worth?

A $ 76 billion

B $ 85 billion

C $ 96 billion


2/From which U.S. City do you see the official flag below?

A Dallas

B Denver
C Chicago



3/Which film won seven Oscars at the 86th Academy Awards?

A 12 Years a Slave

B Gravity

C Blue Jasmine


4/Of what country was in 1831, Leopold I, the first King?


5/In which city began on March 2 th, Oscar Pistorius trial?

A Johannesburg

B Cape Town

C Pretoria

6/Which Take That’ Song began with the words:

“I kind of keep asking myself little questions

Like where do I go from here

I seem to keep losing track of time and how long it’s been

Since I last had you near”?


7/What was thrown at an Indian businessman accused of fraud in New Delhi as he arrived at the highest court on March 4th?

A Ink

B Shit

C Bricks


8/Which of the following chemical Elements has the highest atomic number?

A Hydrogen

B Silver

C Gold


9/Which country won the most medals at the 2014 UCI Track Cycling World Championships?

A Belgium

B Germany

C Great Britain


10/What is the name of the actress on the photo below?



1/A        2/C          3/B        4/Belgium         5/C         6/Holding back the tears         7/A       8/C        9/B        10/Kate Winslett

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