Emmett and Renesmee 5

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Hey sweeties! Thank you for reading, it brings me happiness. Some people are giving me that stupid reactions, about my english. Dont. Just dont. Im twelve years old and i just like it to write in english. thank you. Okay okay, i will shut up now. ••ness POV•• Emmett and me are getting merry to let each other know we care, and we always Will. It is really awkward because actually, it all happened today. But those strong feelings i have for him, arent normal anymore. I love emmett. I love my fiance. 'what you are getting what' carlisle said. Everybody whas confused. 'yes, Renesmee And me are getting merry' emmett said again. He is SO confidenced. On the same time someone knocked on the door, they smelled like humans. I ran to the door and opened it. There where like 15 guys, staring at me. Okay this is really strange. 'sweet, sweet, girl' a strong looking muscles man said. 'is someone home, hottie' the other man said. I wanted to slap The door in their faces but they we're allready inside of the house. One man lifted me up Ans laughed verry hard. My family we're taking tape And tape them to The wall. Omg what did just happened? Emmett ran to me to check if i whas okay. I cryd in his arms. This was weird and ...  Emmett whas rubbing my back And then he gave me a soft kiss on my forehead. 'let us go!' a man yelled. Jasper gave him a fast but strong sidekick to let him shut up.  My family toold emmett And me they would handle the guys, we needed to go to the little house of mom and dad, to get rest from everythig that happened today. We Walked down the stairs of the house and whenned to the woods. Emmett kissed me, it whas a really intens kiss, full of love, and energy. Emmett lifted me up, and ran with me to the house. When we closed the door behind us, he made Some chocolate milk for me. When i was done drinking, we we're Kissing a lot. He put me on the ground and he did the same. His soft lips.......... ••emmett POV•• I cant loose control, i cant loose control, i cant loose control. I was really trying to kiss my love so gentle as possible, but i think i do it wrong. Is she okay? She started to laugh. Okay, good sign. She whas Kissing me in my neck for the first time, i loved it, her soft lips.... But she cant. I dont want to use her for this. 'ness you dont have to' i said. 'i know i dont have to, i want to' she said. My sweetheart... She is the sweetest girl i ever met. I love her. I put my hands on her back, and massaged it. I smelled her scent. (hoe schrijf je geur?) it was SO good.... No emmett! She is your fiance! With rosé it was really different, because we we're where having sex of course. I like the way nessie and i touch each other, it's gentle, sweet, tasty. With rosé, it was just sex. No love connection. Sorry rosé...... ••ness POV•• I love him SO Much, but i cant breath right now. I need to sit on the couch to catch breath again. 'something wrong, sweet?' emmett asked curious. 'i need to catch some breath' i said. Emmett lifted me up and then he put me on his legs. 'we could swim' emmett asked. Yah, that is a great idea! 'course, great plan' i said. Emmett and i walked to dads closet to take one of the million Shorts for him. And then we walked to my closet to take one of the million bikini's. My bikini was Black with diamonds. His shorts are just Black. 'so where Will we get dressed' emmett asked. O my. I have no idea. 'just dont look.' i said.  Emmett turned his back to me and i changed quick. 'done' i said.  Now i turned around. Hè was changed in a second. 'you are SO beautiful ' hè said. ••emmett POV•• Wow she looks delicious, sexy, beautiful, hot. But it wasnt my plan to say that. That would be à little awkward for her. I see her staring at my muscles And then fast look at my face again. Its Nice to see she really think im atractive. (hoe schrijf je aantrekkelijk)  o sweet lord. Her breasts are SO cute, pretty, wonderful. But i Will not make her feel uncomfortable, so i will shut my mouth. She put à dress on and gave me à shirt. We walked outside, and before we knew it we where on the beach. It is dark, And we are the only persons here. She put away her dress and i put away my shirt. The water was really warm, that is Nice, because she wolnt be cold, i hope.  When the water was touching her shoulders, we stopped walking and started Kissing. I lifted her up. She is the prettyest person in the world. She planted her legs on my waist. Woaa, she really trust me ;) ••ness POV•• Emmett, my fiance, he is SO hot. He-is-wonderful. Thats my man! He kissed my neck. Omg his lips are amazing. This moment is amazing Also. We are amazing.

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