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Do You Want To Live The Life You Deserve ?

First let me tell you this article is not meant no be negative. This article is based on the circumstances I see around me constantly.

I bet almost all human beings had magnificent dreams when they were young.

You know, kids are allowed to have unlimited dreams, just because when you still are a kid it is allowed to dream. Sadly, when you grow older this is changing and people around you start telling you this : ‘stop dreaming and face reality !’

So what is this reality about ?

You have to study, which is ok of course. It is necessary to learn some basic things like calculating, reading, writing and so on. It is also very ok to study and be a specialist in a certain profession. In fact I guess it is always ok to study and develop skills.

But there is also something they tell you about study  that isn’t true.

Generally they tell you the next : if you study very well, you will have a good job and your future is secured. And that is exactly the thing that sucks ! Because it gives no guarantee at all. You don’t have any influence on the economy. It does not matter if you are specialist  if there a re no jobs available. So think about what a specialist / very well educated person can achieve when there are no jobs.

So actually the whole system we are living in is a kind of fake.


  • First they tell you to stop dreaming.
  • Then they send you to school to learn and promise you a good future.
  • Next step is your job ( if there is one available for you anyway).
  • If you are lucky you find a job and you can pay the bills and in some case you can save some also
  • If you are not lucky you will loose your job and there is not a thing you can do about it.


What about the dreams you had when you were young ?

I think there is a very small chance you might achieve them. Just because of the learning-working system we are living in doesn’t make it possible to realize that.


So please go back to your young years and remember the dreams you had.  If you have the feeling you would like to achieve them anyway, please watch the short video below.

It is just a short impression about how your life could be if you start doing different things.




For some it might look like a cheap fairytale but I know damned well that it can be also the reality for you !


So her is what I’m asking you :

Do You Want To Live The Life You Deserve ?



If you do, click the link below and start living the life you deserve today !


Let Me In , I Want To Live The Life I Deserve ! 



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