Quiz of the day : March 2, 2014

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In this series of articles you will get a mix of topical questions and general knowledge questions. Good luck!


You can find all the answers at the bottom.



1/Which Swiss tennis player won his sixth title in Dubai in 2014?


2/In which country, a man is addressed with the word “sahib”?

A India

B Japan

C Congo


3/In which country fell on March 1, 29 deaths and 109 injured after a knife armed group attacked a train station?


4/Carson City is the capital of the state Nevada. What is the most populous city of Nevada?


5/Will and Jaden Smith both won a Razzie for their performance in the movie “After Earth”. What is the family bond between them?

A father and son

B brothers

C no family bond


6/What is the sum of the digits of the largest two-digit prime number?


7/At what Formule 1-circuit was the first turn named after Michael Schumacher?

A Circuit de Monaco

B Bahrain International Circuit

C Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps


8/Which British pop group took its name from a character from the cult movie “Barbarella”?



9/Which title of nobility had the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy?

A baron

B marquis

C count


10/In the first weekend of March, carnival was exuberantly celebrated in Brazil. How does Catholics call the first day of the lent?







1/Roger Federer      2/A          3/in China        4/Las Vegas         5/A                          6/16 (=9+7)          7/B        8/Duran Duran         9/C       10/Ash Wednesday

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