Emmett and renesmee 4

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hey people! he're is a new chapter!!!!! i love to write and there will be lots off more. it whas a little dramatic the past chapters, but that will change! have fun, LY, Vampire Bitch


**ness POV**

so, everything is perfect now? my family is ok with the fact that Emmett and i are in love with each other? they are just fine or what? it would be great! i am still not over the fact that i allmost lost my friend, brother, protector, Jacob. why did he want to die? i have no freaking idea. i hope that Jacob will ever get over this emmett-renesmee-thing. its too bad for him, and i dont want to loose him, but emmett and me are perfect for each other, i am not going to break up for Jacob.  just a sec, emmett and i waren't a real couple, because we didn't talk about that yet, we should have, soon.


**jacob POV**

jeez, what did i do? what where i thinking? sometimes being a werewolve wants you to die. uhh.. well, you know what i mean. when i'm in my wolve form i'm just not thinking clear. i'm just so angry, that i'm not thinking. its not that renesmee died! she just fall in love with her own uncle. oh damn, that is wrong, really really wrong. should i stop her? no, she is 17, old enough to make her own mistakes. i mean, dicsisions. i will never jump of a fucking cliff ever again! i whas just selfish.


**esme POV**

if it whas my discision, i would stop renesmee. emmett is 110 years old, and renesmee 17. its not health that they love each other. if emmett where human, he whas a really old man right now, and if renesmee whas  human, well, she is, half, in her mind, she is 21, that is better. not that it makes sense, that 5 year, but it makes me happy-er anyway.


**ness POV**
emmett taked my hand and walked outside with me. what would be his plan? 'renesmee, i truely love you'' emmett said.  okay, this whas serious. ''so, are we like a couple now?' i asked. i have to know. ''if you want to nessie'' emmett said. oh my fucking god. this whas like heaven on earth. my uncle and me.... just a sec... my uncle.... he is my uncle... u-n-c-l-e.... let's forget that fact! ;)

we kissed again, but dad needed to come out of the closet.. uchu, the house, i mean. ''emmett what are you thinking to do with my doughter!'' dad said. ow ow. so he wol'nt agree with us. okay, i kind off understand that, his own brother kissed his own daughter. that sounds wrong. but dad wasn't angry, he was ridiculous! i slapped emmett in his face. this whas going wrong. ''DAD STOP!'' i yelled, he could kill my love emmett right now. dad didn't listen to me, and hurt emmett again. now i'm actually pissed off. i jumped for dad, and pushed him away. what the hell whas he thinking for christ sake? i would do ANYTHING for my emmett, and when i say ANYTHING i say anything. this time i whas the one ho taked emmet's hand an taked him with me, far in the woods, to the small cute house. ''nessie dont be worried'' emmett said. ''of course i'm worried about you! i will never let him hurt you again'' i said. emmett gave me a shy kiss on my cheeck. i didn't blush, my head transformed to a red tomato. of course they are red, what else would they be? we touched again, and i want this never to stop , ever.


**rose POV**

im here, in heaven, or what i would say, hell. my husband emmett, MY HUSBAND EMMETT whas kissing my niece, i carried my niece, i loved my niece, i saved my niece from death many times! i'm so discipointed. before i died, killed by the Volturi, i saved my niece's life. and now she is doing this to me! why? why does she? does she thinks i dont know whats happening there? i know fucking everything! i am death, but i didn't turned in to ash! well, fiscuacly seeing i whas. mentally, i whas completely the same. it kills me from inside.


**bella POV**

i dont know what to do, what to say, or what to think. when i was just a stupid human, i knewt emmett allready. iff i would know my daughter would kiss him, uhh, i did'nt know i would even have a daughter anyway, i would kill emmett. i would cook him alive. but, renesmee can't change the way she feels about emmett. this is a hard time for us. jacob allmost died, jeez, if he really would be dead, i would be. he still is my best friend, i dont ever want to loose him, ever. ''guys! guys! i have an amazing idea! lets create the best party ever!! and forget everything!'' Alice yelled. whas she crazy? is she nuts? but it's a great idea. i need to forget this forever.


**jasper POV**

alice, alice, alice. sometimes not, sometimes you should better shut your mouth. but i couldnt say i hate the idea. what happened today, is hard to forget. a party would help a little. it cant be forgotten forever, but just, a box we will never open again. emmett and nessie came in.

'renesmee and me are getting marry!''


thank you verry much for reading! sorry it are all short storys, but i am always updating soon, bitches.  THANKS FOR READING


LY, vampirebitch

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