Emmett en Renesmee chapter 3

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Hey best readers. I'm really really sorry about what happened in the past chapter. It was dramatic. But that's life.  Let the Bitch shut her mouth, and read chapter 6, guys! Chapter 6 ••emmett POV•• Did we just kissed each other? Did i just touched renemee's perfect lips? Yeah, that happened. Jeez, i love her SO much. On the most perfect time off my life Alice ran outside... 'something happened to Jacob!' ••ness POV•• This whas the worst day of my life. Jacob died. JACOB DIED! And it whas all my foult. My own stupid foult. Kiss emmett, what where i thinking? Thats right, i didnt. Jesus, im SO stupid. I have to go to the cliff. I have to. I Will see what i did with my own eyes. I ran and ran. I heard strange yelling. Strange.... JACOB! 'Jake! Jake! JAKE! ' i throwed my body over THE Cliff to save Jacob. I risk my own life, it whas my foult now i have to fix it as well. 'NESSIE NESSIE QUICK GET MY FEET OUT OF HERE!' i heard Jake Then i see blood everywhere. I didnt care. I followed THE streaming blood and get his feet out of there. I tuked my clothes off and made the blood stop. I looked at his face, it whas full of pain. I did this. I am à monster, sended from hell. My hands where strong enough to care him. Hè couldnt move. Would hè be saved? Would carlisle be anke to give him his live back. Before i knew it we where back in the house. Carlisle taked Jake from me. And i was standing there, in my underwair crying. I felt 2 strong hands cuddling me backwards. Emmett. 'it's not your foult' emmett said. Yes, of course it was! It was my mistake! Right?! Esme toold na not to think about it. She toold me to go to the Woods with emmett to talk about what actually happened. SO we did. When we arrived to THE Woods, i didnt knew what to say. 'It is not your foult nessie, hè cant handle' emmett said, and hè cuddled me. 'emmett, if hè is not going to be okay, i Will never forgive myself, ever' i said. Ans it whas true. *RING RING* my phone. I've got à message. Best Renesmee, I'm so sorry to hear Jacob did'nt made it. I am so confused. Tell your mom to call me. From your grandfather Charles ••••••••••••• Charles? That is his name? In need to give him an answer NOW! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Dear Charlie Maybe Jake is going to be okay. Maybe. I hope so.  Thank you, Renesmee Carlie Cullen ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 'who's that? ' emmett asked 'it's charlie' i said. I couldnt contain myself anymore. This day whas crazy. I needed someone to get me over this. I needed emmett. I kissed him, and then i realized i whas still wearing nothing, well, underwair. I whas kind off cold and emmett wasn't helping. We whenned inside of my house and i ran to Jacob, e whas sitting on couch. 'Jacob!!!!! Jacob!!!!!' i whas yelling, i whas SO happy. 'nessie... Chill, im fine' Jacob said. I Hugged him gentle, maybe i would break his bones.;) 'Renesmee i am SO sorry' Jacob said. Is hè out of mind? Why was hè apologizing?  'if you are happy with emmett i Will be happy for you' Jacob said. Wow. Did hè just said that. But my family didnt look verry happy. Of course not. I have kissed my uncle. Mom looked worried. ' Renesmee what happened today... Its traumatic' she said. It looked Like she was apologizing or something. Emmett gave me à kiss on my cheeck and i blushed like hell. Dad looked not so happy ether. Who does, anyway? Jacob allmost died!  'But hè didnt, ness, And of emmett, MY BROTHER, is making you happy, than i Will be watching him' dad said. On Some kind of reason i smiled. Everything Will be just fine.;) Okay, this is THE end, but not THE end-end. There Will be lots of more.  LY, VampireBitch

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