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Emmett and Renesmee•• by: VampireBitch

Door VampireBitch gepubliceerd op Friday 28 February 19:45

Hey people there is allready a next chapter SO just scroll up and then you see white letters titel, push it! Sorry for nu english mistakes, but if you want to read more of this, scroll up, you see a Black kader with white letters. Have fun! His hands where on my back, my hands where on his back. His face looked surprised. He looked me in my eyes and asked iff it whas okay to kiss. This moment whas the moment of my life. We just heard my hardbeat, his hart whas frozen. Not that i believed that, he whas so sweet, caring, smart, funny.. And nervous? His hands where shaking and his face whas looking nervous like hell.  Our faces met slowly. His lips pushes gentle on mine. We where the last two puzzle pieces to make the puzzle complete.  Chapter 1 ••ness POV•• Bwah.. I need to get up for school. I am so tired, and i'm feeling sick, no way i am going to  school today. In your wildest dreams, and not even then. First i need to go downstairs, to tell mom and dad i'm so not going. I opened the wooden door to walk off the stairs. 'awsjj' i said. The floor whas freezing. I kind off jumped down to not feel the south pool under my feet. 'Renesmee, here is your breakfast, hon' dad said. The last thing i want to think about is breakfast. Eww, i smelled egg with bacon, i think i need to puge. 'sorry dad. I'm not well. No breakfast for me, thank you' i said. Jeez, why did Emmett gave me that look the last couple days. The i-have-a-secret look. Did he hide something for me? I'm wondering what it is. Maybe that is just him, he changed a lot after Rosalie died, killed by the Volturi. He can't get over it, not that i ever can. Rosalie whas my bestie, and now she's... Gone. I still know how it feel to be holding in rosalie's caring hands, when i whas just a baby girl. She whas more then just aunt rosalie for me. She whas my sis.. 'i miss her too, hon' dad said. So my thats where not safe this time. Dad whas good ! He sneaked in your brains when it wasn't the right moment. I ran upstairs to search for Alice. I need to talk to her about Emmett, because he did it again, he gave me that look. "knock" i said. 'nessie come in!' Alice her failrytail-voice said. I opened the  purple-princess door to see Alice brushing and styling her hair. 'Alice, we need to talk' i said. I whas nervous, would she think it's not true? Would she believe me? Emmett is my uncle, but that look creeps me out. 'about?' Alice asked. Oww, i can't say it's about emmett. But i need to, this need to be done, over. 'emmett' i said. Alice her face whas looking really serious when the name emmett past my lips. Then she whas starting to smile and laugh. 'are you in love with your uncle?' Alice said that out loud. But that question.. Whas i in love with Emmett?Fr. Emmett cullen? Its not excactly what i whas trying to tell her, but whas i? Chapter 2 ••emmett POV•• Jeez, did i hear that right? Alice just said something really unexpected. Did Renesmee cullen, my niece, liked me, emmett cullen? Maybe Alice whas kidding, but i will try to hear the whole conversation, would nessie know it if i sneak in her room to hear the conversation next door? I will try anything possible to know how she feels about her own uncle. Just a second.. Im her UNCLE, what am i thinking? She is goddamn 16! 'OMG alice i didnt knew that is it! Jeez!' i heard nessie yell from upstairs. What would be going on  up there? I really want to know but i cant. 'would he? I think so because... Oh, would he hear all of this?' Alice yelld. Okay, this whas defnitly something about me, what is fucking going on! On the same time i thought about that, they both ran downstairs, with a pokerface. Damn, they where good in pretend like nothing happened, like 10 seconds ago. Nessie her hair whas beautiful, long and glamming... And then she flipped het hair. My heart whas stolen. What? No it is not! Im her uncle. And nessie would defnitly appreciated if i would stay her uncle. She would mary jake, and have a happy life with that wolve-kid. I may wish that i whas that awesome, i will never be so great as hé is. Like, never. Alice whas rubbing my arm and toold me: 'ness have got to tell you something' and she kind off fly away. Is this what i think it is? O lord. Chapter 3 ••carlisle POV•• Me and my wife Esme and the rest of my Family arrived at home. Jacob whas with us too. When i walked in there whas some strange tention in the room... Emmett and Renesmee, oh, Alice too. They where frozen.  'so i think that this isnt the right moment, isnt it?' i asked. What whas going on here? They didnt move, and their mouths where open. Renesmee realized she should answer, because emmett and Alice wouldnt, at least for a couple of hours. 'you guys are just in time!' Renesmee said, her voice whas pretending to be exiting, but het face looked embaressed. Jacob thought it whas a great idea to break the ice and make a joke. 'So just say it, Renesmee and emmett are SO in l-o-v-e ;)' Jacob said. But Renesmee didnt laugh, emmett didnt laugh, and even Alice didnt laugh. O my... I had a feeling like Jacob where joking about something that REALLY whas going on, Jake didnt undersand jet. Edward get the hint like he usually do, and his face whas full of true anger, pain, awkwardness, and dissipointmand. But nothing whas 100% so maybe it's about cornflakes or something. 'carlisle,esme,Jasper,Jake,mom,dad... ' Renesmee said. Everybody in the family whas waiting for an answer, but Edward and i allready knewt what whas going on. 'finish, ness' Jake said. Oh my, i guess he got the message. 'i am totally meszmerized by emmett' Renesmee said.  Chapter 4 ••ness POV•• Jeez, i just said that. I just said to the whole family including Jacob i fall in love with my uncle, but what they didnt knew, whas that emmett had those feelings too, if im not mistaking? Emmett and Alice where still frozen. I Touched emmett's arm to see if he whas a doll, he could be, he dont have a heart, and isnt moving at all. Alice could be such a cute fairly-doll that you can buy in a toy shop. If i whas still under aged i swear i would play with it. Well, i am under aged, i am 4 years on this planet but im looking like a girl from 16 years old, and psychical i am 16. So what the fuck am i? Ah, esme was moving, really slowly, and she put het hand for het mouth. Ok, for a vampire it's a really late reaction. Now i feel emmett's hand on my shoulder, and then painting little circles in my neck. Dad growld. Carlisle whas observing emmett's hand, and Jake just act like he whas a sheep, his mouth whas open And his eyes where big. Giant! But dad his face whas not a good sign. There whas a chance he whas loosing control and hurt emmett.Alice whas Alive again, thankgod, and she had a idea. 'i think this is a lot information right? Emmett and nessie go outside, we have to talk, i mean me and the shocked persons. But dollface-dog can you leave as well' she said. Dollface-dogPlease, if she would look in the mirror she would see barbie without doubting. However, emmett Jake and me needed to leave... When emmett walked, i whas his personal shield, i whas looking like that kind of loser dancer who was trying to get some drinks, And then moving her hands so it seems like she is dancing. Alice Jacob emmett and i walked outside. 'SO emmmett, you love my inprint' Jacob said. I could see he whas angry. 'dont be mad at emmett' i said. Jake listened, that whas a great sign. Now i have to deal with emmett, would he really truely love me? 'Renesmee, how did you know? It supposed to be a secret that i like you' emmett said. Iff emmett had blood in his vanes, hè would blush right now. I put my hand on emmets cheek and showed him the whole story. ••iff you want 2 know what ness showed emmett please read the story again! LY, ano'•• Thanks for reading! If you want 2 know the Next part off the story, please subscribe! 5 reactions is a new part! LY, VampireBitch 

the re is allready a next chapter! just look better on this page please!


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I love it!!!!!!!!! Schrijf meer plieeeeeeeesss
One of the first written English articles! I'd say: go on this way! I would like to read much more (so I followed ;)