Whining Makes No Sence !

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Whining Makes No Sence !

Yesterday I had a conversation with a person that was in Africa for a couple of weeks.

She told me about the situation over there. How people are living and about the lack of stuff that is obvious for us in our part of the world. In fact they have a kind of life that is much more relaxed than our life. They are much more living the basic life than we do and in some way that must be very nice. Less stress, less pressure. I try to imagine how such a life would be.  For many of us it might look as a life in poverty but you have to keep in mind that those people are not used to the busy life we are living. For them it is a general life style and I guess they are very happy with that.( of course the basic elements must be available, food , education , peace and medical care)

During the talk we had the subject changed a little and I said something about whining people.

It is a fact over here people are whining so very easily. Specially in The Netherlands. Sometimes I think we, The Dutch people, invented the whining. There is a big chance if you have a closer look to the word WHINING you will find the mark Made In Holland on it.

Over here some people are whining about almost everything. And if there is nothing that gives a reason to start whining, they start whining about that !

People over here are really whining a lot. About the most stupid and unimportant things.

For example the last Olympic Winter games. Our skaters did a very good tournament and took 24 medals home. And believe it or not, some people started whining about it, it was not a exiting tournament anymore and so on. What the hell are they whining about ? If the skaters would have achieved worse the people started whining also, so why whining when things go perfectly fine ?

It is true. We are living in kind of a difficult period. Economy is not good, many cuts by the government, people get unemployed and so on. It is shit and not nice for sure. But whining will solve nothing !

Of course it is sad if you loose the job you are happy in and comfortable in. And it is also ok and understandable if you cry about this, but crying is totally different than whining. Crying is an emotion that comes up when someone feels sad or got hurt. It is a natural thing that tells something about emotions. But it is also temporary and after some crying you can stand straight again and solve the shit.

Whining however is a bad or negative way of acting. It solves nothing and just brings you more down in the swamp. Whiners are the opposite of Winners.

Winner never Quit, Whiners never Win.

So let me give you a good advise.

Instead of whining you better start to see the positive side of things. You already know that there is always a positive and a kind of negative/difficult part in every situation. So why whining about the negative/difficult parts ? Just look at the positive parts and focus on that.

If you agree with this statement I recommend to you the video below. It is about 2 guys that had several reason to cry about their situation. But you know what ? However they maybe were crying about their situation ( I don’t know if they did but I can imagine it for sure) they didn’t know the word whining. They just came into action and become very successful in their business. Without any whining.

If you are a person that hates whining, just click the URL below. You will be rewarded with very valuable information.

I Hate Whining : : : I Am A Winner : : : So Let Me in !

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