The growing problem of global slavery: the decay of moral responsibility vs. epidemics of preferred ignorance.

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I don't agree with your priorities, for activity of the mind is life. One who has read the federal budget for 2014 sumbitted by Obama sees the bureaucratic priorities: war must continue and everyone must suffer. Even after being confronted with irrefutable evidence one rather revert to preferred ignorance and complete denial, aka chosen stupidity.

We are moving towards a fascistic front, they say.. Unless you earn more than half a million a year, the government hates you. They don't need you for anything except to pay taxes, while these unsuspected sociopaths keep getting away. Always trying to derail us, discredit us, even kill us. Don't think that the enemy isn't out there looking for whatever weaknesses. It's not a question of whether mind control exists, but a question of how it affects you.

This article will focus on the satanic activities in Europe MET NAME in luxemburg, Engeland en schotland.

The pedophile dossier and the perception deception by the media



Twenty years after Dutroux's arrest, whistles keep blowing on pedophilia in Belgium. Laurent Louis (Belgian politican) blogged a message that the Anonymous has sent to all parliamentarians from Belgium, containing a list of politicians, businessmen, judges and members of the royal family involved directly or indirectly in the pedophile and criminal network Dutroux.

Titel: The growing problem of global slavery: the decay of moral responsibility vs. epidemics of perception deception: preferred ignorance.



What is going on in your head for seeing blind, hearing deaf?


» (1) Kamerlid Laurent Louis noemt Di Rupo "pedofiel"
» (2) Statistics Prove: More Guns, Less Crime



The Last Judgement by Jean Cousin

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