Adding value

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Adding Value

Value….this word has something magic, isn’t it ?

Many people might think about money or wealth directly if they read or hear the word value.

And , yes indeed, this is also a meaning of value but it is not the meaning of value I want to tell about in this short story.

The value I like to tell some about is the figuratively meaning of value. The figuratively meaning of value is much stronger than the material meaning. The material value is transitory very often. It is like driving a brand new limousine. When you buy the car it might costs you a fortune but after several years the value of the car is reduced to almost scratch. And where is the money that you payed for the car ? Yeah right, it is gone…..melted like snow in the sun.

Figuratively value however is almost forever. It can be seen as a very good lesson. Once you learned the lesson you can use it during the rest of your life.


What is good value ?


Good value is value that other people can use daily to improve the things they are doing.

Suppose some people are trying to mix some video’s and upload them on You Tube every day.

It is very good possible these persons are struggling with some issues they cannot solve very easily.

Imagine you give them the golden key that helps them to solve the issue permanently. They would improve their activities a lot and the tools or advices you gave them would be a immense value for them.


Value and internet business.


In these days many people are running a internet business. Some are doing very well and they are earning thousands of dollars a month ( sometimes even millions ). Some are doing general, they are earning some dollars but they are far from the big spin. The biggest group however is struggling. They work hard and they are dedicated. In fact they do the best they can but one thing is missing : the results. Regularly their biggest issue is the fact they are missing some knowledge about the things that are essential for their business. They know what to do, because someone might have told them, but they don’t know HOW. It is very clear : if you don’t know how to do some things and nobody tells you the HOW, you will never ever get the results you are dreaming about !

If you are a internet marketer, just like me, it is essential you absorb all the possible value that is offered to you by others. If nobody gives you this value, go and search for it. Sign in at groups or communities, sign in for newsletters or sign in for online training sessions. There are enough successful internet marketers that offer this kind of facilities. Search for them and use them. It is al about value !

If you become successful yourself it is sure you have learned a lot about your kind of business. Otherwise you would be not successful. That is the time you also need to share value with others. If you share value, people always come back to you and becoming your permanently audience after a while. And you know what, if you became in such a situation your business will grow faster than ever before.

By the way, would you like to have access to some very powerful value right now ?

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