Ignoramus et ignorabimus?

Door Groundzero gepubliceerd op Sunday 16 February 14:00

Between mossy green ancient tribes drives a morning fog. It's quiet, even the birds mute their singing and the colors once existed faded. The only sound is the rustling interaction of my feet with the Earth.
"What makes me so different to wear so the endless burden of thinking?" As long as you would not choose, the possibilities would be endless. Really how valid are our interpretations of the three dimensional world we perceive, if we perceive only which we attract? Are we living in a sort of hyperdimensional reality, which controls the physics (geometrics and mathematics) of our very existence, from multiversa to life itself? Maybe a virtual reality or only in the imagination of the architect. How real is synchromysticism? What is epistèmè really, how could we balance when doubts remain? Are we all left to stay ignorant? There MUST be a way..


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Well written, friend. The arcane subject of hyperdimensional physics is unknown to many! The so called 'giants' have risen over a century back in time.