Shakespeare meets Nonnie

Door Nonnie gepubliceerd op Wednesday 29 January 14:23
Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle
(William Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act 5, scene 5)

Life is short and then you die

A bleak view of life that Macbeth so eloquently voiced, giving words to his despair and pessimism about the meaning of life. There is no purpose to the thing called life which is but a brief candle, flickering in the wind and soon the light will be extinguished. There is nothing more to it.

Physical deterioration

At times like this I am inclined to agree with him reluctantly, maybe not so much on his stand regarding the aim of life, but all the more on his view of the brevity of it. As it is I am falling apart, or more precisely, my body is. At the tender age of 47 I am actually disintegrating not even at a petty pace, but rapidly. My ears do not seem to function properly anymore, and whereas my eyes do, but at times only with the aid of reading glasses, the promise of a more permanent pair in the very near future which started out as a mere whispering has grown into a more compelling sound. The loss of my eagle eyes’ view, which my younger self had more or less taken for granted, is completely disconcerting. A tennis elbow and peculiar red patches of skin that pop up in places and at times least welcome completes the picture of misery. My physical deterioration has taken me completely by surprise, but now that I am actually forced to acknowledge its existence I can no longer look the other way. Action is called upon to regain what is left of my youth.


Not in my prime anymore

It is not so much beauty, if any, the disappearance of which I mourn, but rather the loss of physical abilities at such alarming rate, leaving me to contemplate an inept future. But before this future is upon me, I shall crusade against old age sneaking up on me. Though painfully aware that I am not in my prime anymore, still I am not ready to silently slip into old age.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

So far I have led a generally sedentary lifestyle, which suited me fine. A couch potato with a sweet tooth, resulting in an impressive, almost square backside, which is fortunate, because it is not in my face all the time. Nonetheless, whenever I catch the occasional glimpse in a mirror, I am absolutely appalled by the sight. My mind’s eye is infinitely kinder than the actual mirror. And each time that I was shaken to my roots I made a promise to myself: I would be a better person tomorrow, burdening the new day with the venture of reversing the effects of today’s vices, not to mention yesterday’s. So far I have been putting this off until the other morrow and then the other one. One of these days I should take heed of Shakespeare’s warning, because at some point I will run out of tomorrows. So here I am, promising myself to mend my ways, tomorrow!

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Graag gelezen.
It's a match.
Was ook graag geschreven.
Hier mag je meer van publiceren. Experiment geslaagd!
want ook ik vind het heel knap!
Weet wat je vraagt. ;)
Dank je wel, Yrsa.
Bijzonder knap!
Dank je wel, Ingrid.
'My mindâ??s eye is infinitely kinder than the actual mirror'
Weet precies wat je bedoelt ;-)
Leest lekker weg, hoewel je soms toch wat eenvoudiger woorden had kunnen kiezen?
Misschien wel, maar Engels is zo'n mooie, rijke taal, dat ik me heb laten verleiden tot bovenstaande woordkeuze. Ik was er in de stemming voor, zeg maar.
Sluit me aan bij voorgaande reacties. Helemaal Nonnie, maar dan op zijn Engels! :)
Inderdaad, alleen de taal is anders.
Thanks, Rose!
Jij kan het veel beter dan ik. Subtiele humor in niet je moerstaal (of wel), prachtig
Dank je wel, Karazmin.
Nee, ik ben geen native speaker, dus ik bevind me wel degelijk op glad ijs, maar ach ja, het is tenslotte winter.
I really love this!
Ik lag in een deuk om je 'impressive, almost square backside'. En voor de rest beschrijf je een aantal dingen die mij ook - reluctantly- bekend voorkomen.
Je Engels is echt van een bijzonder hoog niveau. Als je dan in een vreemde taal wilt schrijven, dan is dit dus een voorbeeld van hoe het kan en zou moeten.
En daarom denk ik dat juist jij het wel kan hebben als ik 1 klein 'missertje' aanstip: "..and soon the light will be vanished."
'Vanish' kan je volgens mij niet in de passieve vorm gebruiken. Zelf zou ik kiezen voor 'will vanish' of 'will be extinguished/ put out'.
Dit is mijn eerste Engelstalige artikel, een experimentje.
Dank je wel, ook voor de attente manier waarop je me op een fout wijst.
Ik zal het aanpassen.