The next gamechanger: The effects of 3D printing on our future

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This year we can expect the first 3D printed building. Since the first 3D printer was build in 1984, manufacturing revolutionized to world's first 3D bioprinter that enables to print organs (2010). We're facing a inevitable future of knownledge and creativity economics.

3D home printer

Questions raise...

What are the pros and cons besides of the financial gain? Is 3D printing worth investing? What is the business impact and the effects on both individual and society? How can 3D printing help create better management results and how does a design business look like?


There are concerns about the potential abuse of 3D printers - such as making your own gun - and the negative effects of ultrafine particles that 3D printers emit.

There are some reports to read on the use of 3D printing and the production of prostheses. About an interesting blog from The Gardian - order> Faces: How 3D printing is revolutionizing the prosthesis.

3D printed gun

What is a 3D printer? A 3D printer is a device based on digital "instructions" (STL file) that can produce arbitrary three-dimensional objects with different kinds of plastic that ectrude from nozzles, a bit like glue guns. This is done by building the object up layer after layer. This process is called rapid prototyping.

You create a design using a computer aided design package such as Sketchup. It has its own files that you can download and print. 

For more advanced 3D design Ararkik enables you to do sculpting freehand. If you want to make a 3D image of something you already own you can use the 123D app which enables you to convert a series of photos of your item into a 3D image that can be printed.

Some interesting headlines: 3D-printer 'wapenonderdelen' gevonden bij inval in Manchester, BBC 25 OKT 2013 and Philadelphia, de eerste stad van de VS die 3D gedrukte wapens verbiedt

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Goed stuk, 3D printers gaan voor de volgende internet revolutie zorgen.
Goed stuk, 3D printers gaan voor de volgende internet revolutie zorgen.