Dit gaat over een mooie herinnering in de liefde, gevonden in een oud dagboek, datum 20/01/1997

Door Pinoow gepubliceerd op Friday 28 September 12:14


I almost forgot
how it feels to hold you
it's been so long ago
that you wanted me to

Love flew away
only memories remain
although I wanted you to stay
I don't want to wait in vain

I still don't know
what to think or say
'cause my heart melted like snow
when I first saw you that day

Now my heart has grown cold
caused by the emptyness
you once filled
with the greatest love of all

But I just can't say goodbye
to the memories of that single day
because they still make me fly
and make my pain go away

I've been lost in love before
and I've always come back again
thinking I shouldn't try anymore
I know I'll never can

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