Voed jij je kind sacred op?

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van: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/sacred

sa·cred  (samacr.gifprime.gifkribreve.gifd)
1. Dedicated to or set apart for the worship of a deity.
2. Worthy of religious veneration: the sacred teachings of the Buddha.
3. Made or declared holy: sacred bread and wine.
4. Dedicated or devoted exclusively to a single use, purpose, or person:sacred to the memory of her sister; a private office sacred to the President.
5. Worthy of respect; venerable.
6. Of or relating to religious objects, rites, or practices.
[Middle English, past participle of sacren, to consecrate, from Old Frenchsacrer, from Latin sacramacr.gifre, from sacer, sacr-, sacred; see sak- in Indo-European roots.]
saprime.gifcred·ly adv.
saprime.gifcred·ness n.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.


In het Nederlands...


holy,sacred {bn.} image-search.png web-search.pnggewijd
image-search.png web-search.pngheilig
image-search.png web-search.pnggeheiligd
image-search.png web-search.pngsacraal


Een kind is een soort duur huisdier... ;) Dat je ook alles zou geven... 

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