How to create a lelfie and belfie? - how to make a lelfie and belfie? - How to make a Olympic selfie?

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How to create a lelfie and belfie for social media?

What is a lelfie?

Now that`s the selfie is old on the internet, there is a new hype coming. This new hype for the social media on internet, is to make pictures from other bodyparts, and place them on Facebook. With the selfie, girls/woman made pictures from there face, and places them on the internet.

A lelfie is about the same as a selfie, only this time you make pictures from your legs, and uses this pictures to place on your Facebookpage. A lot of woman and girls, think that they have nice beautiful legs, and want to share it with other people.

What is a belfie?

Now you see the picture above, you will know what a belfie is. Woman and girls make pictures from there behind, and place that picture on there Facebookpage. I don`t know how long it will take, that even more woman/girls will make pictures from there legs or behinds and place them on there Facebook. I gess it`s a matter of time, that Facebook doesn`t allow enymore this kind of pictures on there page, becaus where will be the end of it?

But for now it`s becoming the new hype on the social media, and a lot of woman/girls continue`s with doing it.

What also is hot, is the selfie Olympics, and how do you make a Olympic selfie? You take a funny picture from yourself with all kind of materials, like funny clothes, funny positions, or at strange places.

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