Mountain Road

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The engine protested as the truck crawled up the winding mountain road, solid rock on one side and a deadly plunge on the other. Nathan cursed. He shouldn’t have accepted this cargo, the engine wasn’t powerful enough for this combination of weight and terrain. He was burning fuel like there was no tomorrow. By the time he reached his destination the sun had set behind the mountains. He’d have to go back down that same road in the dark.

An old man was sitting outside the warehouse when Nathan returned to his truck.

‘You’s goin’ down that road t’night?’ the old man asked.

‘Yes sir. Ain’t happy about it, but that’s life.’

‘Better sleep in ya truck, son, and head down t’morrow mornin’. Strange things happen in these here mountain woods after sundown.’

Nathan tipped his Scania baseball cap and laughed. ‘Thanks, I’ll be careful’ he replied.

The old man shook his head. Them youngsters shouldn’t take things so lightly, after dark these mountains became a diff’rent world, one that humans should stay ‘way from.

Nathan slowly drove down the mountain road. The world outside the reach of the headlights was pitch black.

Suddenly something white shot from left to right in front of the windshield. Nathan startled and hit the brakes. He peered outside but saw nothing. Probably just a bird, he thought. He shifted down and put his foot on the gas pedal.

When he came through a sharp bend in the road, his headlights caught a white human-like figure standing in the middle of the road. Nathan braked hard, bringing his truck to a stop just before hitting whoever was stupid enough to stand there. Horrified, he saw the figure rise in front of the truck. It was semi-translucent, with two black holes where its eyes ought to be. It rose till its eyes were level with Nathan’s. It pushed its head through the windshield into the cabin without breaking the glass. It spoke. ‘Hello Nathan. It’s lonely out here, do you want to come and play?’

Nathan suddenly felt very cold. Then he didn’t feel anything anymore.

The next morning his truck was found there, the engine still running. Nathan was never found. He had simply vanished.


Michael carefully drove his truck down the mountain road and thought of the old man at the warehouse, who had warned him he shouldn’t drive down in the middle of the night. Something about ‘strange things’ happening in the mountains after dark. It was probably just a story to scare kids.

Suddenly his truck was passed left and right by something white, shooting by from behind. Fifty meters down the road they stopped and turned. Michael braked hard. Two white, semi-translucent humanoid figures with black eyes levitated in front of the truck, then pushed their heads through the windshield. One wore something resembling a baseball cap with a Scania badge. They both spoke.

‘Hello Michael. It’s lonely out here, do you want to come and play?’

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