The Dutch are racists, aren't they?

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Playmobil (German Manufacturer)

That's what everybody else in the world says. We, the Dutch, feel like we're a tolerant nice people but according to the rest of the world, we only think we are. In fact we are Scum racists who should be linched on holidays abroad to pay for our discrimination.


Wow. Hold it! I don't feel I am a racist. 


Yes there are racists in The Netherland, but I don't think we have more of them than for instance The United States or China or any other country. When Americans were still burning people on crosses we already had a very mixed (and pleasant) society. And leaflets about anything anywhere in 16 languages.


Everybody was welcome here and off course, everybody came. From Turkey (like St. Nicolas), from the Middle East, from China, from Vietnam, from Yogoslavia, from Poland, from all the countries in the world people wanted to live here, cause it was so tolerant and nice and free.


Well YOU ALL RUINED IT! The Netherlands like it was when I grew up is dead.


Because we met up to everybody's needs and in that process we lost our own identity. The only thing we still had that was Dutch was Sinterklaas and our sense of humor. Well Black Pete is racist and so are our jokes... Now even that has to go.


I feel that if you did not grow up in The Netherlands, you wil NEVER understand the Dutch culture and humor and way of interacting with each other.


But I do know that People in The Netherlands are sick of the world. We give and give and give more than anybody else, and we're one of the smallest countries. 

United States

We save Spain, Greece and all other poor countries, we give up 3 years of our pensions just to feed all the mouths in our country from people that escaped to The Netherlands and to help all the helpless countries in Europe.


Only a week ago we gave almost 19.000.000 €uros (yes, 6 zeros!) to help the Phillippines... Oh we are so bad!


We are MAD as HELL, that the world is giving us such a bad stigma when we are always helping the entire world. It's like the very sweet perfect kid, this kid is never good enough and always gets bullied. Well, that's what you do with us!


But, I do understand, like most people, that some people feel hurt by Black Pete. But all the things you attach to Pete, we never thought of him that way. I never saw Pete as a black person, a slave, a worker, I just saw him as a friend who came to give presents and candy.


I even feel that if Black Pete was not in childrens youth they would not feel as positive about dark people as they do now! Why else would you have 5 dark men entering your home at night and not grab a shotgun (this should sound familliar to Americans...).


What strikes me the most however is how The Netherlands are the target of the entire world about this, but we definately are not the only ones with a Black Pete. Therefor I feel it is US Anti-Holland propoganda to keep the attention away from all their own misdoings!

Svarte Per, Norway

This chain of events, yes we do have to think about it, but I don't feel that America is the country to say anything about The Netherlands in racist perspective. After all, the Americans invented it!


And as you can see by my pictures. Black Pete is present all around the world and not only in my country! Even non-Dutch toycompanies like Playmobil, Fisher Price and Lego don't see the trouble with Pete at all!

Lego, Denmark

Playmobil, Germany1004004012739839.jpg

Fisher Price, United States


Fisher Price, United States





If we are racists, we did not know it and this all shows that it is not just The Netherlands who celebrate Sinterklaas with a dark helper! Maybe there has to be a discussion about what is possible and what is not, but calling people racists is not really making them susceptible for change.

But maybe this is better???


I think it is really strange that things from The Netherlands, this tiny country almost no-one abroad can find on the worldmap, have gotten so much attention lately. Like there isn't anything worse...


I hear no-one about the anti-gay law in Russia, how come? Because Russia is big or gays are less important? I hear no-one about the Listeningpractices of the Americans all over the world, how come? Or that Black people still get paid less for the same work in America, how come? Because America is big? Yes, I really think so!



While in The Netherlands you get the job because you're black! If it's between you and a white person. That's called positive discrimination. But then it is fine I think, as long as something is to gain from it. We are so integrated with coloured people that we don't think about it.


Sarawak, Malaysia

Maybe that is stupid, but not necessarily racist! I think that is The reason why we did not see Black Pete as racist, cause we don't see him as a coloured person, but more like a puppet, like Bert & Ernie from Sesamestreet!


Other countries should solve their own problems first and then look at my country where still everybody wants to live in! And we have to endure some racism as well. Pass the Dutchie, Dutch treat, Dutch women are easy to get, Going Dutch, Kaaskoppen, Kijken kijken niet kopen, Double Dutch. But we don't care!

Lego, Denmark

I have friends from all nationalities, I have mixed blood myself, as almost everybody in The Netherlands. How could we ALL be racists? We are people from mixed cultures and races. Therefor it is impossible to be racist as a Nation!



(Un)fortunately is has succeeded, Sinterklaas is gone. Another tradition lost. And yes this makes people sad, although most understand why. It's just sad no-one understands our sadness!!!

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If you want to solve problems, try to find the right way, not try just any way.
No offense meant
Maybe it's moderate, but's there is no other way. Offending people won't let them stop and think and see past the obvious. I
It sounds so moderate and understanding and I heard in more dicussions. . 'We' don't condemn people who won't talk about a link beteween Black Pete and racism. 'We' understand that Dutch people who won't give uo Black Pete are no racists ( al least not all of them). But there is still racism in the country (and nobody will object that). So if we want to talk about racism we also want to include Black Pete in this discissusion.
But that sounds if you want to have it both ways. There must be ways to talk sensible about racism without including Black Pete and offending Dutch people ( the ones who aren't racist).
Niet iedereen dutch people are friendly people vriendelijk mens
I don't know if dutch people are more racist than american or english people. One thing I know is that even though they don't want to see themselves as racist, there are many out there who have been behaving as racist.
There's nothing wrong with celebrating Sinterklaas. I'm black and I've got no problem with Black Pete. I have always liked Sinterklaas and don't mind that there's someone walking round with a black face.
Whatr I do have a problem with, is people not being able to discuss about a figure that has been invented long time ago when people were racist. In 1700/1800, it was normal that people with a more or less exotic background were seen as inferior to white people. That's why Pete is the little black and not a little wite helper.
The problem, however is not Black Pete, but a society were we are not able to discuss as adults about Black Pete. Look at al the hate that's been pouring out since the discussion about Black Pete. People who are born in the Netherlands are told to leave the country, if they don't like the presence of Black Pete. If that's not racist I don't know what is.
That doesn't mean that all Dutch are racists.It purely states that many people don't feel comfortable about "the allochtonen" and that there using the discussion about Black Pete to prove a point (you don't belong here, you don't understand our culture). It's like many Dutch people see the figure of Black Pete as a part of their identity, and if someone says, the figure of Black Pete is wrong,than there must be something wrong with the Dutch identity.
So the discussion isn't realy about Black Pete, the discussion is abbut about identy. If your against Black Pete, you are against "the Dutch",identity, so you can't be seen as Dutch.
If the people who don't like "Black Pete, say "Black Pete is racist, it doesn't mean that they say that Dutch people are racist. Those people are merely saying that they have problem with adult people painting there face black, just to look like a black person. Maybe that's just emotion, maybe it's about feeling discriminated. But that's not the point because the whole "Black Pete" discussion thrives on emotions.
In 1700/1800, there were no black people to disagree with the figure of "Black Pete".In the culture and tradition at that time, blacks played no role,they were inferiour had no opinion. They were simply not to be heared.
Times have changed. We live in a democratic society were every opinion may be heared. We don't have to like those opinions, but that's no reason to act in a racist way.
I would like this discussion to be at a more mature level where everybody can have their own opinion about "Black Pete", without being insulted, our banned out of the country, because of not agreeing with the "vox populi", or being seen as a traitor to the "Dutch heritage".
Tradition and culture are not "fixed" in any place or time, if we want things to change, we can make them change.