Year of summer.

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This will be my first article in English here on Plazilla.

Year of summer.

It’s a single by Wildstylez ft. Niels Geuzebroek.

This song brings me back a few years ago. It makes me smile, it suits me. I’ll tell you why….

The lyrics are so true.
“The harder it gets the faster we seem to fall in love.
The deeper we fall the more we lose control.
 Set your mind free it’s the year of summer, keep your hart strong cause summer is here.”

Pregnant, unsecure, mentally in a bad shape and recovering from a sugary, I found myself wandering the streets near my house. My husband had kicked me out, he took my keys but was sweet enough to trough me my crutches. So I walked and a walked totally wrecked, I cried and cried some more. Then finally I picked up my cell phone and called my sister, she didn’t pick up… That’s when I totally broke down. I was totally lost.

Then my phone rang, trough my tears a saw a name , I thought it was my  sister. I answered the call and for once I didn’t hide my pain behind a fake voice. That’s when I found out that it wasn’t my sister who was calling. It was a man that I met during work. He was calling to ask how the surgery went. He asked me why I was so upset and for some reason I just told him. I told him that I was kicked out of the house and I told him that I was desperate. The man told me not to move and he would come and help me. I was stunned. No. no please don’t but the line was already dead.

The man came and took me to a diner and there we’ve talked for hours, I did most of the talking. This man helped me, it was the first time that I told someone about my real life with my husband. He encouraged me to go to my family and I did. He gave me money so I could use it when needed. He was my savior.

I finally left my husband when I was 7 months pregnant and he threatened to throw me down the stairs.
I was gone, it was painful but I felt save for the first time in years.
Than I found myself falling in love with the man who called to check up on me and saved me.
The harder it gets, the faster we seem to fall in love…. Its true! And I fell hard!
My family new, I couldn’t hide it. I felt bad because there are no less than a thousand reasons not to fall in love! But I did.


I listened to my heart, I followed it and I found my true love! Now the man that was kind enough to check up on me is my husband and the father of my son and he is a father for my daughter.

It was a hard time, but I found my way! This song reminds me of that time, because it’s lyrics suit my story.

 The song starts with:

“ The clouds have gone away to start a brighter day we have waited far too long.
It’s time to let it out. You what it’s about, waited all to feel the sun!”

And how true are those words???? We all need the sun around now!

And finally the beat, yes it’s  a hardstyle beat, but don’t be fooled! I hear the Jive!
The Jive is my favorite dance! It’s energetic. It’s fun and it’s life!!

Set your mind free it’s the year of summer!!

Bring the summer on!!

I’m rusty in my English writing, so feel free to correct me!
I love feedback, negative or positive! It makes me a better writer!

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A beautiful story.. It is possible to find true happiness ..just listen to the heart...
And à Great sonf
Thanks everyone!
You made it,you survived and are alive again.So happy for you!
Nice story wish well done
A touching story with a happy end.