Just me

Door Anna Elisabeth gepubliceerd op Friday 04 October 15:18


Just me

I'm no worker bee,
nor am i a fighter.
Love, don't hate.
Never destroy, but create.

Perhaps not made for this world,
but i'm trying.
Not made for the pain,
so i'm crying.
Could be made for the air..
.. but no way i'm flying!

I don't like change,
when it does it better be my choice.
Growing into it, carefully..
not too fast.. not too slow.. well eventually..

Perhaps not even made for the air,
i could just try it.. well i won't..
Nope... not made for the sea,
better get me off that boat..
I do love seeing the world,
but i feel quite save here at home.

I plan my day, yes.. even my week.. i do.. i do..
when you change it, i won't be complete, maybe even a bit confused.
Feels save to know where your at, what to do, where to go..
attempting to follow the heart, while discussing the mind.

It's the air i breath..

Being me is easy,
not being me is the hardest thing.

I'm just me

© River


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Thanks! Zal proberen wat vaker thuis te komen. :)
Love to read this!
<3 I like reading you again!