Merry christmas and a happy new year 2014

Door BAYWATCH gepubliceerd op Friday 03 January 15:57

I wish for all off you my best friends a marry christmas and a joyfull new year 2014.

I wish all off you happyness good health and best wishes for next year.

It was wonderfull too meet you all and looking forward one a sucesfull year 2014.

Hopping that new year will make our lives more furfilled with love , harmony and richness.

For all of you who are travelling , wishing you a pleasent yourney and i wish you a wonderfull stay.

You all deserve a restfull vocation and I will miss you but I will see you all in 2014, back at plazilla, and Tim also for you my friend a wonderfull new year 2014.

Hace a great time with your families, enjoye christmas and may the peace be with you all.

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Smakkelijk eten iedereen en fijne avond.
I wish you the same! Merry Christmas!
I wish you the same! Merry Christmas!
Hetzelfde toegewenst, fijne dagen!
Urime kirshendjellat dhe urime viti I ri 2014 dat is in het albanees Prettige feestdagen en en gelukkige nieuw jaar 2014
For you too merel and San-Daniel all the best
I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year