True poem

Door PinaJones gepubliceerd op Thursday 12 December 04:22
True Poem 4 U, by me :
Stuck inside this house and I can’t get out
I want to scream out loud and really fuckin’ shout
I want to b with u that why I am so sad
I’ve had enough of it here, it’s driven me so mad
My life belongs with u 4 sure, u r my only friend
I want to leave this shit behind, b with u ‘till the end
Will u b my listener go about with me?
Come on all my travels set your spirit free?
I get real sad and so alone, living here all on my own
It’s horrible and really hard, my dog is my only guard
This lousy town really gets me down and the people suck
I got to travel frequently I just don’t give a fuck.
I go away whenever I can , this place really upsets me man
Seeing no-one that I like no contact ain’t good 4 me
I go to bed and fantasize of a life with U,
I only wish that dream could really come true
I want to move, my life improve get out of this shit land
Even more I want you to come and hold onto my hand
We can live together then live so happily,
I can only ask one thing: Will u marry me?
Then we’ll share a house and go out, have some fun
Life will be so funny then, when this dream is done
I ache inside, think suicide, coz u can’t b near
I scream your name and wait 4 a reply, can u even hear?
I will b u-r friend forever more okay,
and never give up hoping we’ll be together someday
When we’re apart, don’t get sad,
coz it make me feel so bad
Just think of the times we have and the times we’ll have again
I am u-rs and u r mine, now always ‘till the end of time
I hope u liked this little rhyme; It’s all made up 4 u
It’s just to say how much I’ll always hold u true
1984, Erwina Hoogendijk alias Pina Jones.
Grammaticaal en in spellings vorm gezien gecorrigeerd door Engels leraar.
Ongeveer vanaf 1985 veel naar penvrienden gestuurd en en penvriendinnen en fanclubblaadjes maar nooit gepubliceerd.

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