Extremely Blinded, song.

Door PinaJones gepubliceerd op Tuesday 07 August 01:59

Extremely Blinded.

Nobody can be so
extremely blinded
as I've been....


a blind one can.

But even the blind one
saw more as I did arlier ....

Oh, how I've been
so extremely blinded.....

.....You love me.

You can be a supermodel
but now I know I can be as well
b ybeing not the one to listen
(-in extremely blindnessless-)
but being the one to tell.

.......You love me,
.......You love me.....

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Weet niet wat duim is in het Engels maar dank je!
Leuk: weer iets engels! Well done (you get a green duim, p.s. wat is duim in het engels?)