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Metal Empire top 100 greatest of all time 2013

Door Meijer46 gepubliceerd op Thursday 05 December 16:34

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*= nieuw  1083bd86c18be47827828f5ee404336d.jpgTOP 100 GREATEST OF ALL TIME  2013.                                                                                                                                                                             1. (2) 1.She Comes in Colors                   NEVERMORE                2010

(1) 2.Silent Screams                             HALFORD(3) 3.Open                                               QUEENSRYCHE

(4) 4.Dangers to the faithless             TESTAMENT

(5) 5.Believe in Nothing                       NEVERMORE

(6) 6.Falling to Pieces                           FIREWIND

(8) 7.April Rain                                      DELAIN                          2010    

(7) 8.The Ripper                                   JUDAS PRIEST

(10)9.Hysteria                                      DEF LEPPARD

(9) 10.When the rain comes               QUEENSRYCHE  7f2b6274e379514f53b7be56e2c07e12.jpg

11. Straight to your heart                    BAD ENGLISH

12 .Broken Heart                                 WHITE LION

13. Handful of Rain                             SAVATAGE

14. Can't Stop Lovin'you                    VAN HALEN

15. The Way It Used to Be                  DREAMTHEATER

16. If I could Fly                                   HELLOWEEN

17 .The Unforgiven                             METALLICA

18 .When love hates & collide           DEF LEPPARD

19. Dreammare                                    URIAH HEEP

20, If you needed someone to love    DEF LEPPARD

21. Open                                                QUEENSRYCHE

22. Love don't come easy                    WHITE LION

23. Six feet under                                 THE SHOWDOWN

24. New Millenium                              DREAMTHEATER

25. Hell Rider                                       JUDAS PRIEST

26.The real best thing                       ENDEVERAFTER

27. Mama I'm coming home            OZZY OSBOURNE

28. Until it's Sleeps                            METALLICA

29. Rainmaker                                   IRON MAIDEN

30. Perfect Strangers                        DEEP PURPLE

31. More than A Feeling                   BOSTON

32. More than Meets the eye          TESTAMENT.

32.The evel has landed                    TESTAMENT

33 Sell my heart for stones.             NEVERMORE

34 Frozen                                            DELAIN                                                                                35. A dead man's world                  QUEENSRYCHE

36. At 30.000 feet                              QUEENSRYCHE

37 .Dawn of creation/Prohecy        JUDAS PRIEST                 2012

38. The Essence                                 FIREWIND

39. Demonizer                                  JUDAS PRIEST

40. Dreamer                                     OZZY OSBOURNE

41. Crazy train                                   OZYY OSBOURNE

42. Black dog                                    HEART/LED ZEPPELIN

43. In the Presence of Enemies      DREAMTHEATER

44. I am I                                            QUEENSRICHE

45 .Wildest Dreams                         IRON MAIDEN

46. Perfect Strangers                       DEEP PURPLE

47. Alligiance                                    FIREWIND

48. Crucible                                      HALFORD

49. The Art of life                            QUEENSRYCHE

50*.Soap on the rope                     CHICKENFOOD

51. .Angel                                          JUDAS PRIEST

52. Twist                                          HALFORD

53. Stream of conscisions          DREAMTHEATER

54. Voices                                     DREAMTHEATER

55. Scene two                               DREAMTHEATER

56. Without Morals                     NEVERMORE                        2010

57. Sell my heart for stones      NEVERMORE                             

58. Say just words                        PARADISE LOST

59. Without you                           VAN HALEN

60. How you reminds me           NICKELBACK

61. Pull me under                        DREAMTHEATER

62. Little Fighter                          WHITE LION

63. The Unforgiven II                  METALLICA

64. 5150.                                      VANHALEN

65. Lady Jane                                QUEENSRYCHE

66. Empire                                   QUEENSRYCHE

67.*Electric Crown                     TESTAMENT

68. A Change of seasons           DREAMTHEATER

69. Through her eyes                 DREAMTHEATER

70. Higher                                    CREED

71. Different World                    IRON MAIDEN

72. Slow down                            HALFORD

73. Burning heart                      VANDENBERG                                 

74.Metal till we die                   MESSIAH'S KISS

75. Surrounded                        DREAMTHEATER

76.*Humans Being                   VANHALEN

77. Hand on heart                    QUEENSRYCHE

78.I believe                                HELLOWEEN

79.Declaration Day                  ICED EARTH

80. So much is lost                    PARADISE LOST

81. Still loving you                      SCORPIONS                                

82.Hall of the mountain king    SAVATAGE

83.Why can't this be love         VANHALEN

84.God's Come Together         PINK CREAM '69

85.Nothing else matters          METALLICA

86.Teutonic                                ACCEPT

87. Snake Eyes                          BEHOLDER

88. Life's A Bitch                       MOTORHEAD

89 .The Eyes of A Stranger     QUEENSRYCHE

90 .A touch of Evil                     JUDAS PRIEST

91*.In this  light                       QUEENSRYCHE             2013

92. Dreamer                           OZZY OSBOURNE

93 .Farewell to you                 WHITE LION

94 .Possesion                         BAD ENGLISH

95. The Wizard                       URIAH HEEP

96 .Breaking all the rules      OZZY OSBOURNE

97 .Is this Love                        WHITE SNAKE

98. Wonderlust                       MEGADETH

99*Power to the bone.          MENNEN                        

100. Strange Machines          THE GATHERING



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