Acceptance through time and agony

Door Nils Peters gepubliceerd op Friday 28 September 12:13

Dit heb ik vanmorgen naar mijn ex stiefvader gestuurd, hij is jarig en kon me niet inhouden. Ik uit me beter in het Engels dus hoop dat Xead deze pagina laat staan bij wijze van uitzondering.

Tijd gaat wel snel zeg, queet nog goed dat je als 28 jarige chippendale in ons leven kwam. Ik heb er nooit om gevraagd en had het liever anders gezien, neem aan dat jij je gezin ook bij elkaar wilt houden ;) maar het is zo als het is en ik ben je desalniettemin dankbaar voor wat je voor m'n moeder, Nathalie en mij hebt betekend in die jaren. Ik heb geen cadeautje, kom ook niet langs, maar heb wel een gedichtje voor je geschreven:

'Acceptance through time and agony'

"Oh no a threat, he is pretty, semi-German and probably good in bed, I don't want that! It makes me sad, feeling fucking mad and powerless, can't you just drop dead, can't you see I have less hope since I became helpless?!

After my non stop retreat at my sacret but sealed attic you came upstairs and you offered me too leave, I went heartsick. How could I choose, in favour of my mom, risking to lose...all I got..... Expectations, hope, my save harbour, is it worth a shot?

Do you love her? You said yes, I trusted you, embraced you, but it felt like sandpaper-fur, it was a new begin, and a 24/7 non stop critical test, I too love my mother, is mr. Handsome good enough? Is the German Prince really the best of the rest?? I don't intend to make you feel bad, but as you know, my heart has always been with my dad, and I admit, sometimes I enjoyed to drive you mad!

Nobody is perfect, now, did you pass my test? Only you and the universe know best, look inside, at age 16 I left my mother's nest, badly in need for a place to hide! Test 1,2,3 yeah you're under examination by your stepson, like a stone in the river, no hope for me. Losing hope, the river polished me slowy away. The pain goes on and on, beyond forever and past oblivion...

I've heared some stories, that gave me some worries, it was old news when I found out, I was frustraded but in my own way, in my escape I turned loved ones away..

Changes afterall, came along with the German guy, I had grown my own Berlin wall...

It wasn't ment to last, now it's all buried in the past. Let's forget the pain, has no use, things will never be the same. We live a different life, it must be fate, I'm off to bed it's already too late, have a great day en say hi to your kids 'n wife.

Ps, before I forget and travel to dreamland, far far away, I want to say, take for a fact, I do have love for you in my own twisted way and you got my respect ;)"

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