Let the sun rain on me

Door TheKrulletjes gepubliceerd op Friday 28 September 12:07

De zon en ik hebben een liefdes-relatie. Als ik poëzie schrijf kan ik me het best in het Engels uitdrukken, ik hoop dat jullie dit niet erg vinden. xoxo love u guys The Krulletjes

Everytime I closed my eyes it was like I opened them.

Feel te air, feel the soft burning into your skin, deep into your veins that make the feeling stream to your heart and knows it.

You are the only one who really knows my heart, feel it. I know you feel exactly the same and I want you to recognize it. Soft air breezes make your mind go empty in a way that you thought – notice the grammar – wasn’t ever possible. Touches on your hair and yellow lights up your entire skin.

Feel it for yourself. Thank u.

Notice how the flowers notice you. “It all looks like power” they’re whispering loud enough for you to hear. Drops of invisible melt and fill up the air and form a gigantic team together, they make you go “wow” inside your brain. Little stones of the stairway that leads to haven lift you up, your pillow is build out of clouds.

Not anywhere in the clouds will you ever find you as much as you do here.
Right time, Right place, Right you.

I wanted to make you feel welcome. Did I succeed? I don’t know. All I know is that I want you here. Here with me.

That’s it. There’s nothing more for me to want. There’s nothing more for me to get.

There’s nothing more you could do for me besides letting out your inner light and power through your heart and make them fade away by one breeze of breath so I can take it.


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Overweldigende foto's en je engels is goed Ik druk me vaak ook beter uit in het Engels was 2 jaar in the States. Fan.