Better protect your silicone dolls wigs

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If you want to better protect your silicone dolls wigs, you can change the article to understand the knowledge about the storage of wigs. Diversity is the spice of life as well as the selection of wigs for sex dolls. You will use your life-size sex doll many times, but for a while you may be tired of seeing them in the same wig, hairstyle, or even vagina. You want to change the look of a love dolls.

You need to clean the wig before you keep the cheap sex dolls wig (you do not need to clean them often, it can shorten the life of the wig). After waiting for the wig to be dry, gently comb the hair with a comb and slowly comb the hair from bottom to top. This will prevent you from pulling the comb out of a knot and removing the hair from your hair.

By using doll wigs, you can give your love doll a new look and a new hairstyle. The classically elegant look benefits from a longer style that is easy to clean and wear, or the up and down, the pigtails and more stylized.

Sex dolls need to be well maintained so you can use them for a long time. If you do not use them, put them in the hanger. Wigs are the key to beautiful TPE lifelike sex dolls. It is important to buy premium premium wigs for your love doll. Short hair wigs give your doll a younger look and are easier to entangle.

Store your Love Dolls better than the box in which they are. They also need to be cleaned after use, so you will need an anal vaginal seal. Other important accessories include TPE materials and TPE adhesives, which you can use to repair cuts, tears, and holes that TPE dolls will definitely wear after prolonged use.

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