When does the Nordstrom sale start?

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Dates of Nordstrom sale periods: summer sale, winter sale, Christmas sale, Boxing day, Anniversary sale, mid season, Black Friday and end of season sale.


The company Nordstrom

The company was founded in Seattle in 1901 by John Nordstrom, an immigrant from Sweden. Nordstrom is nowadays one of the biggest clothing retailers in menswear, womenswear and childrenswear in the United States. Nordstrom has around 250 stores, full-line stores and Rack stores. The first Nordstrom Rack clearance store was opened in Seattle in 1975. Nordstrom announced further expansion in Canada. Nordstrom has a webshop where people can buy their products online. Nordstrom delivers their products in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia (international shipping through partnership with global e-commerce provider FiftyOne).


Nordstrom assortment

Nordstrom sells womenswear, menswear and childrenswear. For example clothing and fashion accessories like shirts, jeans, shoes, jackets, coats, suits, handbags, tops, boots, gloves, belts, lingerie, etc. But Nordstrom also sells home decoration products, bed and bath products, gifts, etc. The most sold products are clothes.


Nordstrom sale

Because fashion and collections change, stores must sell old collections. To sell old collections, stores organize sale periods. There are many sale periods in the USA, for example Christmas sale, Boxing day, mid-season sale, Black Friday sale, winter sale, summer sale and end-of-season sale. A very important sale in the USA is the Black Friday sale. The Black Friday sale takes place the Friday following Thanksgiving and is the introduction of the Christmas shopping season. Nordstrom organizes discount sales too. Nordstrom organizes two sale periods for men and two sale periods for women and children. The sale for women and children is organized yearly in the months of May and November. The sale for men is yearly organized in the months of June and December.  


Anniversary sale

Nordstrom also organizes the yearly Anniversary sale, which is Nordstroms largest sale. The Anniversary sale is held each July. During the Anniversary sale a limited amount of products is released for the following Autumn. The products are sold at a large discount. Nordstrom gives pre selected shoppers the chance to buy some days prior to the Anniversary Sale. In 2013 The Anniversary Sale began July 19th and ends August 4th.


Inside information?

Do you know more about sale at Nordstrom? Do you work at Nordstrom or do you know people who work there? Share your information with us.


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