Welcome to this article about the creation of my Lego Cuusoo Project: The Smurfs.

I will tell you a little about the origin of the Smurfs first.

The Smurfs were originally created by the Belgian comics artist Peyo. After first only appearing in the Franco-Belgian comics series titled Johan and Peewit, they proved to be so successful that a whole Smurf empire arose, going from the The Smurf comic in 1963 into advertising, movies, TV series, video games, theme parks and dolls.

So who are these Smurfs?

Well, they are a family of more than 100 small blue fictional creatures that live in mushroom houses in a forest. They are all unique and their names emphasize their characteristics. They have two enemies that are always trying to catch them: Gargamel and his cat Azrael.

Okay, now about the designing of the Smurf world.

I needed two basic settings: the Smurf town and the house of their enemy Gargamel.

The Smurf Town:

I started with the Smurf town. First I decided to create three mushroom houses for our three first characters; Papa Smurf, Smurfette and Baker Smurf. I choose three figures that are completely different, not only in personality but also in appaerance.

Papa Smurf is the oldest Smurf at the age of 542 and the leader of the Smurf community, and can be easily distinguished by his red clothes and bushy white beard. He is skilled in making magical spells and potions. So I decided to give his mushroom house a labo interior, with some chemical attributes.

This lego set is made of approximately 400 pieces. Like any normal house is has a roof, a door, a fire place, a bed on the first floor, and especially for our oldest smurf: a chemistry lab. It comes with the lego papa smurf minifigure, which I also designed.

Smurfette is the only female Smurf who was created by the evil Gargamel. She originally had black hair, though Papa smurf turned it into blonde when he made her a real Smurf.

I tried to give her mushroom a girlfriendly interior with some comfortable furniture. This set is also made of approximately 400 pieces. It will include a lego Smurfette minifigure.

Last but not least I wanted to give shape at a little bakery mushroom. I decided to make it into a little watermill, that receives energy from a nearby stream of water, in the diorama I made, a small stream of water running through the root of a tree.

Baker Smurf is the local baker of the village. He lives and works in his bakery mushroom and provides the smurfs with bread and cakes.

Gargamel's House:

To create Gargamel and his house I choose to recreate the house he lives in, in the comic books. Gargamel also likes to experiment and so the interior has a similar look as Papa Smurf's mushroom interior.

Designing a Gargamel and Azrael minifigure was quite a challenge, I used several sources and had to compromise... I do hope you like them as well as the smurfs themselves.

To give you a look into the smurfs world you will have to visit my flickr photostream for a look at the diorama's I made, thye include both a little smurfs town corner under a tree stump and Gargamel's house on top of a cliff.

For more pictures: visit https://www.flickr.com/photos/legolover2015/sets/72157633494724197/

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